Cult of SIN Challenge: Update

IMG_5805On September 8, 2015 I posted THE CULT OF SIN CHALLENGE and by September 30th a package arrived!  Huzzah, at last I own my own copy!  I suppose I should eat crow, it appears the assumption is in fact TRUE, as if I didn’t know that?  Thing is, why should cult followers be ashamed of getting swept up in a cult of personality?  There’s a draw isn’t there?  Some of the anonymous users I’m in contact with have been following my content for years, some even dating back to the 90’s.  Is it my mind? Content? My body? A combination of these things?  Only they can tell you that.    When you express a culture, you cultivate a following. It’s just as simple as that. There’s no right or wrong to it.   If some get a little carried away it’s just the nature of the space.  The Internet is just the carrier.  Mind is the terrain.

I was once accused of “Collecting Bitches” and maybe that’s true to an extent.  I can’t really argue with it.  I mean, you’d have to be a Masochist to put up with me right?  Seeing that I’m so abusive, confrontational and relentless in my inquiries.  It’s apparent to me which of my following get personal gratification from our exchanges, which retreat (only to come back begging for more) and those among them that see what’s really at play.  It’s just a conscious nod of amusement.  I can sure be entertaining!  Cults of Personality have both pros and cons and somewhere in between, in the dark corners beyond is something so few dare to explore.

Proud Sinion

Christ Johnson, aka Heliosdramus, aka Chris John “Proud Sinion”

Speaking of perks, all I asked for was the film. To my surprise, I got (3) bonus items!  Upon removing them from the box, I thought:  What madness is this?  Low and behold, I received not one but two personal massagers (wink wink) and a hematite bracelet.  A Trinacria of Vanity.  I’d call it the full body package.  Good show Mr.!  If you frequent Occult, pagan and Satanic venues I’m sure you’ve run into him.  He describes himself as a former Marine & Luciferian, I’d just describe him as your average blue-collar, Harley riding guy you could easily bump into at your local watering hole.  Would you ban him from the bar for being a goon?  I doubt it.  People on the netz rarely have the same conviction.

Thanks for the goodies Chris, you rock in my book!  Our communication is all public, the lulz, the goofing around and we rarely take this shit that serious.  The Internetz is serious bidness’ they say!   Yeah, well fuck em’ if they don’t get the joke!

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5 responses to “Cult of SIN Challenge: Update

  1. I Met Sin a couple of years ago on a social page for Pagans. She was the one who gave me a basic education about becoming a Satanist, and she had informed me that I had missed the real Grottos of the Left hand path a few years earlier. I asked for reading materials to study and she gave me the path to which my education began . I`ve joined a couple of other Satanic website and walked away from the one up-man ship and brow beating of these groups. My studies ,like most people have led me to Cabala ,Free Masonry,and many other occult tomes.

    I stand on my own,never was one to be a joiner … Never been anyone`s Bitch either.But it takes some questions to be answered and Sin was there at that red hot second. I admire this woman because she stands alone,she doesn`t need your fuckin permission to go beyond what most people fear. She has an opinion, and doesn`t mind letting you know where she stands. She Sexy, and knows how to market her blogs and her Artwork.

    Some people are afraid of a strong woman … I find it hot as hell!! Glad I could help out a Woman in Need !!

    Simply Forget Us !! Heliodramus

    • Need? I suppose every person has their own motivations for doing things for others.

      I wasn’t in need and the purpose of the blog was made quite clear.

      Would it give you cause to feel shame if you simply bought the film as a way to demonstrate your admiration?

      • ADHD…. Glanced at it, and bought the flick. Sometimes I end up reading something several times before the thought gets processed. it `s frustrating some times. And I believe I had about nine beers that evening… and maybe some weed.

        Any way …it got done. Ohh mighty Mistress of the Sinions.

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