Stop the distress!

Internet? These people need to get a full grasp on information technology. My first exposure to porn pre-dated the Internet. EasyRider Magazine was quite vanilla but may have been pretty risque for 80’s parents. What I liked about it was the comedy and making light of sexual innuendo and the sex act in general.  It had great comics! To a Biker’s kid, a lot of the topics made me laugh deeply.

'Now entering State of Anxiety' 'Uneasy Rider'

‘Now entering State of Anxiety’ ‘Uneasy Rider’

What’s so Taboo about this sex business anyway? I didn’t get the parent talk when I was young, I was handed a copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves,1971″ . Instead, I was accused of having consensual sex long before I actually did it. I was constantly called a Putha, Slut, Whore and a Skank.  These accusations treated the sex act as a personal assault.  Not because my so-called parents were seeking to protect me but rather a way to avoid having to be burdened with an infant and all that goes with its care.

After the sex was pretty regular I embraced all of these identity pins fully. The pristine seemed a bit jealous from my perspective. When slut-shaming doesn’t work, they tend to move onto something else. “Rape-Shaming” was something I experienced as early as 11. A deaf-kid in my neighborhood chased me around the school yard, stole the ribbon from my hair and he and 2 cousins held me down so they could grope me. Over the clothes and were too chicken shit to actually touch my flesh.  The spread of the rumor that I was RAPED, was to somehow ruin my reputation, the one I was embracing was a Slut; a raped slut, is basically the red sign “DO NOT MARRY”.  Little Italian Catholic girls should want to get married and be whisked away to some ideal in the sky, only I didn’t. I bucked it at every turn.  That wasn’t going to be my life.

The book at the very least gave you crash-course in biology, sexual sociological issues and Erotica-light. It was also my first exposure to Girl on Girl and why society deems the slut abhorrent to fidelity and the Nuclear Family.

Perhaps this information shaped my attitudes towards sex at a young age but none of it would affect having already been sexualized prior to puberty. Personal experience is the best teacher. Adults are clueless and no matter what effort is made to wrap children in protective bubbles, they will find a way to the information. Even that stuff that parents consider off limits.

The more you restrict a child, the more impassioned their quest becomes.  As a parent myself, I didn’t experience a lot of this with my old child, some rebellion sure but not to the tune of the battles described by other parents.  We talked openly about sex, and I probably offered TMI on several occasions.   It’s important to pass along useful information such as staying protected from STD’s and Teen Pregnancy.  Knowing your own children is also knowing whether or not they are mentally and emotionally mature enough for the subject matter.  If they get exposed to something to cause a shock, well that just adds to their knowledge base and experience.  2 girls 1 cup anyone?  If parents are distressed maybe they just can’t handle the realities of the world and end up passing this lack of coping skill onto their kids. How the hell is that useful?

Exposure to these things and robbing kids of their so-called innocence is just another way to say your kids are ideas and not young humans maturing into adults.    *Golf Clap*


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