SIN JONES…The Rotter

People are funny, so attached to their ideas and beliefs.  If you disagree with them in any manner, it’s as if you’ve committed a RAPE.  This week’s buzz topic:  David Cameron & Disability benefit cuts.  Only it’s never just that, nope. It’s emotional outcry and society’s villains.  Most people can’t discuss the issues, instead they look to create monsters to loath and to fear.   A survey of Social Media will show the Pig Memes to create a pervert because well, it’s easier to just call this guy a pig than it is to back up a claim.   “David Cameron has killed thousands of people!”  they say, and I first heard this back in December 2014, only when you look for the proofs, you won’t find them.   The Independent covered the issue in an article entitled “Benefit cuts are already being blamed…”  What’s the link?  A government crack down on people receiving benefits but by evaluation aren’t really taking the work search seriously.  The same issue Americans face when the government teet is so easy to suck.  Who the hell really likes to work anyway?  I suppose if the work you do is a life’s passion, or you’re in business for yourself there may authentic joy had from working but your average Blue Collar Joe, sure as hell would rather stay home watching reality TV and fapping to Fox News.

Is David Cameron solely responsible?  Why so much focus on Cameron’s politics?  Doesn’t he have a disabled child?  You can’t really ask these questions, at least not without overly-emotional responses.  A review of David Cameron’s full Welfare Speech is an attempt to make good on a campaign promise:  “On my first night as Prime Minister, I said we would build a more responsible society.”  Only, when you hold people self-responsible, it doesn’t always pan out so good for the co-dependent and complacent.  Some would rather stagnate and die than have an opposing force move them to action.

If I seem apathetic to these emotional twits it’s because I’ve watched it first hand, I have other ideas about what’s worth getting emotional over.  Countless people I have known have withered away and died rather than fight for their lives.  For my apathy and differing views, I have a new pin, THE ROTTER.   The lowest of the low, the most cruel and worthless person that I garner all this extra attention.  My opinions Matter!  A simple chat discussion about the issues turned into quite the emotional display for one user over at a Social Network I happen to be admin for.  While I simply asked questions and offered my opinions of the matter; the other party had an emotional freak-out.  It gave this person cause to violate the site rules, get himself banned and pour himself into me.  Countless times he returned to show me I had no power over him but the reality is, I did and still do.  When that wasn’t enough, comments to my personal blog and laments on various platforms ensued.  All for me.  Me and my opinions that is.

imageedit_7_8437567725People like that are fascinating creatures because their behavior is completely alien to me.  I couldn’t imagine getting that so emotionally worked up over a discussion about a topical news issue.  You’d think I shat on this guy’s parlor floor or cunt-punched his mother.  Now what?  More name calling?  Pulling on my apron strings?  Buzzing around my websites?

I couldn’t care less about disability cuts in another country but I sure as shit gain much amusement from such specimens; laying on my glass as I clip their little wings.


5 responses to “SIN JONES…The Rotter

  1. This is so right on on so many levels. If David Cameron has killed thousands of people then I must ask why so numbered few or should I check out Karen Carpenter on Youtube singing ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’.

    Let the peoples whom refuse work only to whine about their existence AND the existence of others enjoy the FEMA camps as their lives legacy and fruit. They don’t like it, well I don’t like my tax dollars supporting the low of the scumly low. These losers paying cash not just for cigarettes, but BRAND NAME cigarettes and making their appearance in pajama bottoms. And oh yes, using government entitlements to pay for their sugar sodas.

    The 99% can kiss my 1% white ass and complain about it, sure. Just so they keep keep reminding themselves that they are pieces of miserable s%@# while I bust my ass working to retire under palm trees they will never see and beach sand they will never touch. Afterall, does it matter if these peoples don’t have a clue as to how to change their life or does it matter that they don’t want to. Lazy asses subhuman trash.

    I feel better now. Thank you Sin. Ya know, that WAS worth getting emotional over.

    Love your work Sin.

    Sign me as K.C., because I want you “…to keep it comin’ love… ” or if that’s copyright infringement sign me KARLTON SELLS. I don’t want to rip off someone elses hard work.

  2. I refer to this as ‘memetropism’.

    • The turning of all, or a part of, society, in a particular direction in response to cultural, political, or religious, stimulus.

    While I would agree that ts immature to become emotionally worked up over such issues in the 7:00 Nomos Chanel News, I also find it useful to be clued in to said nomos, if for no other reasons than that it can be beneficial to be able to invoke those emotional outburst in others, conducting your own memetropism according to your own agenda and amusement.

    • I suppose, if that’s one’s aim.

      Maybe you just have a different opinion and voice it, besides I don’t think we control the emotions of others. Instead, a dissenting opinion and rumination of it, gives one cause to become emotional. In this case, the user just gave me cause to be amused by the reaction to it. My aim was not to cause him to react. He voiced an opinion, I asked questions, offered information and voiced my own opinion.

      It’s easier to attack the ’cause’ than it is to address acausality, eh?

      • I was not speaking to your issue exactly. I was speaking generally towards the ability to agree or disagree regardless of your actual opinion. I can brown-nose a Christian Republican, or a Democrat Feminist. I can also calmly and politely make a few statements that would have either of them jumping up and down and demanding that everyone must agree with them. Its the control factor I’m getting at. Control over ones own thoughts, and to some degree, control over the thoughts of others, due to their obvious subjectivity to memetic infection.

      • I follow. Yes, I do this myself. I honestly will never understand why people believe you have to be 100% genuine or authentic in viewpoint, especially in an Internet environment.

        It’s all “but you lied!” Yep, sure did and look at what it produced.

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