I never said I was a nice girl… Alison - Green Shirt2 First, don’t tell me what it means to be pagan – I LIVE IT.  If you’re finding it difficult to civilize my barbaric qualities, getting me to conform to your bullshit social contracts, demi-politics, or ‘community expectations’ – it’s because you lack the mental capacity to understand what it even means; let alone have a leg to stand on to tell me I’m failing at it. Next, if my higher functioning abilities get on your nerves, perhaps you might shine a mirror on your own lack of ambitions.  Say what you want about Jung, even a broken clock is right at least twice a day.  I do believe the concept of the Shadow Man applies here. And finally, if my lack of sugar and ample salt hurts your wounds; maybe you should spend more time licking your boo-boos because I sure as shit ain’t going to help you feel better about them.  I don’t have the time nor inclination to baby you. There you are trying to pull a veil over my eyes and I see right through it.   If you think for a second you can assign friends, peers, or a ‘community’ to me arbitrarily and not get push-back you’re deluded.  If you get wounded in the process, your upper lip is just as weak as your pimp smack; I see it quivering when you speak my name. Knowledge and life-experience accounts for my perspective.  If you’ve caught yourself underestimating me, or tangled in your own web, you’ll wither and die soon enough along with the buzzing of flies. SIN JONES


2 responses to “I NEVER SAID I WAS A NICE GIRL…

  1. First of all, let me explain to you what it means to be Pagan! I demand that you conform to my bullshit social contracts, demi-politics, and ‘community expectations’! I possess the mental capacity to understand what it means; and I have to tell you that you’re failing at it. I demand that you remove your salty sting from my boo-boos and apply instead sweet kisses and reassurences. You will require the time and inclination to coddle me. You cannot see through the veil I have pulled over your eyes. I will have to arbitrarily assign your friends, peers, and ‘community’, however, you are not permitted to push-back. Do not mistake my cum-face for a quivering lip, though the mention of your name may cause each. Know that I will live forever as the one true Pagan Lord.

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