Spirituality: Somber Business…

For all those folks out there that reject ‘Organized Religion‘ in favor of ‘Spirituality‘, I gotta ask:  Why is it always Somber business?  I mean, religion-forbid if there’s laughter or silliness.  You people drive me insane with your depressing shit!

Get off your Uppity High-Horse and abandon your delusions already.  You’re just trading terms but you really mean the exact same thing!  You want your ‘Spirituality’ just as organized as Orthodox Religions!  One can express matters of Spirit in many ways, and it still be authentic.  I enjoy laughter, and awe and wonderment can make one smile; it’s not always somber depressing teary-eyed misery.   You can be spiritual while laughing your ass off.

For all you folks that believe in many gods, you don’t think these god-forms have a sense of humor?  Promote laughter?  I bet even Durga and Hecate enjoy a good joke now and again!

I’m guessing it’s a matter of vying for public acceptance, approval and recognition all while living in your proverbial broom-closets!  It’s the 21st century for crying out loud!  You no sooner need state/federal recognition than you do of BIlly Bob down the street.    If you want to hug a tree, hug the damn thing.  If you want to dance around in a circle, do it!  If you want to gather a bunch of people, wear funny costumes and play masters of the universe – go for it!


Do you people ever let-loose while being Spiritual?

Are you Spiritual because you’re living or living to be Spiritual?

Is your Spirituality only in practice when shit happens?

Do you ever just express your absolute joy with being alive and all the awesome stuff we have to enjoy?


Alison Dec 1

Sin Jones

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