Join us Saturday Night, July 26th, 8pm Eastern for: The state of Satanism today

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Join us Saturday, July 26th @ 8pm Eastern for a round-table discussion of the state of Satanism today.

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Offering perspective:  

Reap Paden, host of The Angry Atheist & Modern Satanism podcasts, ReapSow Radio and priest of The Satanic Temple.  Reap got his start in internet radio in 2007 with his main focus on skeptical inquiry into paranomal claims.  By 2010, he was more honed in on the “Atheist Movement”.  As a show host and avid blogger on Reapercussions, his hope is to promote critical thinking and help to build a society based in reality.

Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism, author of The Gospel of Satan, social analyst, networker and data-collector of occult and mystical praxis, Towelhead issues intermittent fatwas on Satanic subjects, consults with individuals in public on methods of pact-making, religious dedications and worship, and enjoys imagining new types of Satanism absent self-defeating or self-disabling qualities.

Venger SatanisCthulhu Cult Leader and passionate devotee to the original fantasy-based RPG. When he’s not leading cultists into madness, penning a melange of eldritch sorcery, he’s tending to his own spawn at home.

Zach Black, Satanic Networker, owner of Satanic International Network honorary member of The Satanic Temple and Sect of the Horned God.

Other guest callers are to be expected so don’t miss this show!    Join your host Sin Jones, be there or despair!


3 responses to “Join us Saturday Night, July 26th, 8pm Eastern for: The state of Satanism today

  1. Loved the Show SIN JONES and the dialog in the chat room was good as well. I did find the comment by Zach at the end of the show about me (which you went onto Anna instead) to be amusing knowing the history of Zach. He said I was a “nuttrider” lol. I think anyone with a half a brain can tell it is Zach not I that is a nuttrider here. Not that long ago (as you pointed out on the 600 club to him) he was against Organizations” and Priests and now he is one of those type. He is an attention whore and needs to feel wanted to feel secure, imo.

    I do not mind being called names, after all I have been married for 28 years and all that comes with that, but I hate dishonesty like this. Zach has to lie and say things because he has nothing else to use, just like a few others we both know on the web.

    Anyway, good show, good to chat with Towelhead again and The angry Atheist was cool for sure, The Pope is always a fun one to chat with and the others as well.

    • You know what’s what Tim, I don’t need to break it down to you. Never did get into the details as to just ‘what’ makes you different, according to Zach. He was honed in on responding to the response to ‘Christians’ comment I made, so we didn’t get a chance to re-visit it. Perhaps a dialogue best had on your personal blog 🙂

      Glad you were able to make it. I wasn’t able to keep up with the chat conversations going on. Happy to hear it was active and engaging. Surely, there’s more to come! Thanks again for hanging out!

      • My pleasure SIN Jones, Zach will always be just “The drunk on Cam” and noting more, so yeah, I do know what’s what 🙂

        The chat room was fun for sure. Not much on TST but that “Reap” character might have changed my mind to an extent.

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