Creature Comforts…

Satanist, is a fitting moniker for a creature born to this world.  In every aspect of life, there are influences.  Either we can let them in, or oppose them.    Layer upon layer, these influences pile up.   We would like to think that we’re consciously aware of them at all times.  That everything we do is a deliberate action, coming from the bowels of our being.  Truth is, the majority of our thoughts and feelings were nurtured at such an early age, that unless each and every one of them is analyzed and scrutinized with intellectual honesty, then we’re imitating.  Our thoughts and actions were pre-determined long ago.  Some memory to identify with, some story to consider, some mask to wear as we set out onto the world the world stage.  Even as adults, these influences creep in the back door.  Not even maturity can catch them all.


“Hades is not to be soothed, neither overcome, wherefore he is most hated by mortals of all gods.”

(Agamemnon. Homer, Iliad ).


Devil’s Notebook page 63:

A Satanist should not allow himself to be programmed by others.  He should fight tooth and nail against it, for that is the greatest enemy to his freedom of spirit.  It is the very denial of life itself; which was given to him for a wonderous, unique experience – nor for imitation of the colorless existence of others.  


Charles Caleb Colton, a 19th century eccentric, writer and art collector, is best known for this aphorism:

“Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery.”


It’s sincerity is drawn from a person seeking to be just like the person they are mimicking and a flattery to the person being imitated. There is however a dichotomy at work,  as some influences are thought to be positive;  (such as feeling inspired by another, or seeking to perform to the best of your abilities when being instructed by a mentor or role-model), while other influences are seen as negative (your person is thought to be corrupted by the ‘wrong kind’ of influences),  Good vs. Evil.


Devil’s Notebook page 17, On the Importance of Being Evil:

If evil were by chance eradicated, the race would die of inertia…at least under existing standards of mental and emotional development.  That the villain is the most formidable enemy of boredom was proven in a rather quaint manner by a short-lived tabloid called Good News.   Feeling that the populace was weary of the standard journalistic fare of murder, rape, war, riot, scandal and catastrophe, Good News printed just that – good news.  It valiantly lasted two or three issues before its not untimely demise.  Why did it die?  Good news is only really good to those directly involved.  Most people lead such futile and useless lives that only bad news makes them feel better. 


“Better to live in fellowship with the deathless gods continually, rich, wealthy, and enjoying stores of grain, than to sit always in a gloomy cave: and, as regards honor, I too will enter upon the rite that Apollo has. If Zeus will not give it me, I will seek to be a prince of robbers. And if Apollo shall seek me out, I think another and a greater loss will befall him. For I will break into his great house, and will plunder therefrom splendid tripods, and cauldrons, and gold, and plenty of bright iron, and much apparel.”

(Hermes to Maia. Homeric Hymn to Hermes 170).


So what’s the Bad News?


Whistle blowers, spin-doctors, conspiracy junkies, and psychic vampires are writing your name on their list,  writing your story in a new tabloid for the herd ‘community’.   They are absolutely terrified of the Threat of Peace.  Does anyone really grow in contentment?   People thrive on drama, gossip and the miseries of others.  What’s that old saying?  Misery loves company!  If there is none to be found, you just create it!  Life is a Drama.  A Divine Comedy!


 “Most hateful to me are you of all gods on Olympus, for ever is strife dear to you and wars and fightings.”

(Zeus to Ares. Homer, Iliad ).



Devil’s Notebook, The Threat of Peace, page 51

The pleasure/pain factor is the entire basis of sado-masochistic activity.  What invariably begins as an unpleasant experience evolves into eagerly-anticipated gratification.  Here we have the basis for eustress phenomena.  If a child receives little attention except through punishment, that child begins to court punishment.  If punishment is received at the hands of someone who is stimulating, the attention is well worth it.  


Thus, if your name ends up on lists by the neighborhood watch-dog, you must be renowned for giving him an ample dose of the punishment he seeks.  You are so stimulating to him he simply cannot get enough!    If you are an adept in S&M, then you know that the Masochist controls the Sadist.  Not into the kink?  Then, empty your cages and stop feeding the animals! Without you, they just starve off and die, or else move on to another handler.   Some deserve a good hunting; it keeps them on their toes…Trained.  They are constantly looking over their shoulder for the hunter in shadow; a bending of the light, alteration of perception, and in focus of Nero’s Lens.  The most prolific Witches of this world keep many souls in jars.   The most dangerous of villains are even more skilled hunters of the Witches bane.  Where comfort exists, there will always be the Evil Specter’s taunting pleasure.


In Plato’s Symposium, the anecdote offered, a dialogue between Socrates and the priestess Diotima, explains that Love is a great Daimon.  An intercessor between  man and his Spirit.


“What then is Love?” I asked; “Is he mortal?” “No.” “What then?” “As in the former instance, he is neither mortal nor immortal, but in a mean between the two.” “What is he, Diotima?” “He is a great spirit (daimon), and like all spirits he is intermediate between the divine and the mortal.” “And what,” I said, “is his power?”

“He interprets,” she replied, “between gods and men…”



Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, seems fitting here.  What Plato identified as the human Spirit, is that which moves the mind.  For the mind does nothing on its own,  some would draw a line in the sand to divide what we might call the organic self from the passionate self (Spirit).    How can we have one with out the other?  The relationship is a symbiosis.  Can we denote its actions as Good & Evil, and if so what is responsible for them?  The biological or the Spiritual?  If the Specter haunts the psyche, is it Evil?  Can the human being in totality be corrupted within the natural world?

In other words, man has fallen away from all of the influences of society to raise him up a Good and subordinate Spirit.  Any deviation from the plan, would then be considered a malfunction in thinking.  Is the organ broken or merely playing a new tune?    If we are to consider the natural world fully, then wouldn’t that also include corruption?  It is after all part of the condition of being human, unless of course you believe the Evil Specter to be a devious spirit that can not only possess man, but command him like a puppet.   The comforts of belief!      Man attains knowledge and the more he stores away in his mind, the better off he is.  Or, so they say.    If we take into consideration the allegory the Cave presents, we see that vetting out what knowledge does to the human Spirit, that it may very well be an Evil too.   When the prisoners have been freed and turn towards the light, they don’t run towards it, instead they seek the comforts they once knew in the shadow.  The familiarity of a darker time.   What compels us towards knowing, if achieving it is wrought with so much discomfort and pain?


Is knowledge beckoning us to answer its call, or is the Mind simply compelled forward by the biological mechanism in its design?  If Creationists really do believe in an intelligent designer, then surely we were designed Evil and corrupt.  If we side with Evolution, then we’re expected to accept that our organic parts are just a product of random events and adaptation.   Mind?  Pah!   

The philosopher is a lover of knowledge, so the cup from which it flows,  sits on a pedestal of corruption.    He’s been smitten by Eros and Psyche hasn’t a chance in hell to stay the course in Hades.    At least, not without a little help from Persephone’s pity.  Still, Psyche’s curiosity, her need to know, would cause her to fall into a Stygian Sleep.  Had Eros not wiped the death clean off of her, she would not ascend to become the personification of the human spirit and goddess in Mt. Olympus.      In short, our passions shape self as much as our sense of self, drives our passions.





We are creatures of habit.  Some habits are thought to be Good and beneficial to us, while others are degenerating the human soul… EVIL.    The Satanist moves about like Devil,  he muses with the natural world and it compels him forward.  Whether for Good or Evil,  who can say?  Some find themselves comforted by the knowledge that man was made inherently Good, in the image of some notion that ironically, came from his own mind.  While others find it unnerving that you can keep peeling back mask after mask and still find  more masks!   Do you stop peeling the onion or eat your share of comfort food?

Masks of Recovery


Sin Jones

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