Something Real

“Go! Do! Go do something ‘REAL’!!!”

  You see this sentiment populated by Artists, Counter-Culturalists, Statists, and Satanists.  What does it mean?  Some ‘Satanists’ fancy themselves Activists, however at closer examination they appear to be holding up the Nomian with two hands.  It’s un-relatable to me but it’s not from a lack of trying.  I do make an effort to see things from their point of view.  I take a step out of my own shoes and make an attempt to walk in theirs.  The problem isn’t the shoes; it’s the path they walk on.

Nomos, is “Rule or Law”, to be Anti-Nomian (fr. Greek Anti/Nomos) is to be heterodox (fr. Greek heterodoxos) is to be other; Other than upholding the cultivation of these Orthodox rules of engagement.  These ‘Activists’ seem to be working stead-fast and strong to maintain the illusion and I’m supposed to accept this as real?

I suppose, if Gay Marriage is widely accepted, weed is de-criminalized or that the U.S. Constitution is regarded as something more than a historical artifact, this would be considered a WIN?  How does this affect my life in any manner?  How does this manifest anything ‘REAL’ for me?  “We the people” never did anything for me.

You know what’s real to me?  That fact that I’m aging and can’t do jack shit about it.  That, in the 40 years I’ve been alive; it’s the same sad story.  Nothing new, nothing old, nothing blue, nothing bold!  There’s always some asshat telling you what you should be doing, what you should consider valuable and if you don’t agree with them, co-sign their bogus ideas then you’re not doing shit.

For me there’s a vast difference between living and making a life.  If the entire idealist trite doesn’t get me off, then maybe I’m too busy living.  All I can do is smile and nod when these oh so conflicted people with their societal struggles pass by.  Like I’m supposed to give a rat’s ass because some druggie can’t get a job because he’s dysfunctional.  It’s somehow the system, and not the behavior he feeds called Addiction.  I’m also supposed to accept that Addiction is a ‘disease’ like Leukemia and he can’t do anything about it because there’s an ‘Addiction gene’, and it’s not just his inability to manage his compulsions.  Right, right, while I’m at it, I should put on my stupid-cap too.  I’m also supposed to accept that it’s all Exoteric and doesn’t have shit to do with the Jihad going on in his body.  I’m pretty sure the likes of Hitler would shove is ass in a toaster and not even bat an eyelash at it.  What a useless fucking creature.  But hey, he’s doing ‘Real World Shit’, he’s clicking buttons on Facebook, he’s pinning a badge to his chest and he’s pointing the finger.

He’s got the nerve to point that dirty thing at me, telling me I should be waiving a flag for the meek that can’t manifest what they want.  That I should do it for them.  Fuck him and fuck you, if you agree with him!  My Real World shit stares me down every day from a mirror.  Every wrinkle, scar and memory that tells me that that I know what’s real, what matters to me and there’s no other than that can tell me any different.


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