As within,


Seeing the world as broken and in need of fixing is just another way of saying: I want to design the world to fit my personal Utopia. Just another angle to take to vet out the Utopians.

Describing the LHP as some sort of self-help paradigm isn’t quite accurate. Don’t people improve continually as they acquire more knowledge and experience? Maybe they decide to eat better, or take up a class to learn something new, it doesn’t mean they move about like Devils.

How much of an effect each person has on their environment is only as good as a steadfast infection. For example, if I stood out in the middle of the street screaming at the traffic cameras, they don’t just magically disappear; if fact they most likely pop off shots to capture my namesake. Even if I started a grass-roots movement against them, revel against the ‘Authority’ that justifies them, the environment is only temporarily disrupted by my presence. This would be the ‘fix-it’ approach. Instead I say ‘fuck-it’, just another thing to get around.

There will always be obstacles, challenges, and opponents to take on, along side compliance, contentment and stagnation (Nature & Nurture/ Order & Chaos). Some see the world as a binary system, maybe they feel trapped by their own perceptions and believe it needs to be corrected. I never have. If the environment is my architect then it only seems natural to interrogate it to understand the blueprint. If my life circumstance is responsible for what I am and what I am becoming (causal determinism), then I appear to be the embodiment of inter-determinism and that theory is in flux with the result.

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