Vanity, Bait for Satanists

Assuming the so-called Satanist understands the premise of the Left-hand-path (I know, that’s a lot to ask but humor me for a moment).   Vanity is the ideal Bait.

In real-world situations if you want to get people to do what you want, you manipulate their actions by playing up their perceived strengths while preying on their weaknesses.   This is most prevalent in Capitalist Societies that institute marketing strategies.    If you have something for sale how do you get people to buy it?  By preying on their sense of pride.  “Hey there fellow, you’re a smart shopper and you know how to save money so how can you pass up this offer?”   The bait is laid down and the successful sale is the tell-all expose on whether or not it works.  It doesn’t really matter if the stuff sold is needed, wanted or of a decent quality.  People buy worthless shit all the time because the process of grabbing a person’s will by the balls is pretty damn easy.  The Right-hand shakes the Left so rigorously that it can knock a Satanist right out of his boots.  The talk isn’t followed by the walk



Playing up Ego

  • Satanists glorify the ego, so it’s rather easy to pump up a person’s sense of self with a few compliments.  Co-signers are the proverbial ass-kissers; don’t be fooled – they want something from you.  If you think they’ll just come right out and ask for it, you’re deluding yourself. 

Playing up Intellect

  • Satanists tend to focus on building on their intelligence as a way to innovate ideas into praxis.  Some get so caught-up in a battle of wits that it’s a perpetual cycle of provocation as a way to get the baited into affirming themselves.  Bait the Baiter.

Playing up Success

  • A show of goods. “ It’s all Look What I can do!”  Even if the deeds come up short, a pat on the back will no doubt be enough to get the Satanist to act a fool. 

Playing up Sex Appeal

  • Cults of personality are built upon the appeal; the pioneers of ideas are sexy!  Bait the followers they stand up and defend their god, it’s less about them and more so about the Cult Leader.  Why are so many pounding their chests while down on bended knee, serving them?


Playing up Status

  • Fancy titles, recognition as a way to “demonstrate their power”.   Give a Satanist a peer-recognized title and just sit back and watch the sparks fly!  You won’t have to do much.


Any Novice interested in stepping up their game will take note:  Don’t take the Bait.  Not to say that the Adept is any better off.  They gobble it up too.  At some point they may come around to realize they’ve been duped, but while all up in it, the whole thing just has to play out for them to learn a valuable lesson about their own counterproductive Pride.    It doesn’t mean they’ll admit to having fallen subject to it, oh no! That would well… be a sign of mental and emotional maturity, which many people lack.


The Bait and Bleed is a tag-team effort.  There’s usually a mutual benefit to all parties involved, at least that’s what they’ll tell you later on when you throw their bait back at them.  The Baiter is trying to get you to do or say something they want, even if it’s simply to glorify their own ego. To just come right out with it usually doesn’t produce much fruit.  A show of hands may be too embarrassing.


 If you can get two rivals to bleed each other white, the instigator can sit on the side-lines gaining strength for their ends unaffected, it’s all strategy.    To what end?   All may be revealed in time but if the motivation remains Occult, then it’s just boiled down to the cold logic and reasoning of people using people for their own ends.  Either you’re using or you get used.


It’s not as if I’m arming people with ammo here, it’s already in play.  In Social Media, it’s a given.  People try to bait me all the time, immediately I’m asking myself “What does this guy want from me?”  Maybe that makes me Cynical but I tend to be more of a realist.  If my experiential knowledge has taught me anything, it’s that people are pretty damn predictable.  I’m rarely surprised, and nothing ever shocks me.


I’ll clue you in on a little bit about me, if you just come out and ask me for what you want – I may just give it to you, even if it’s simply to glorify my own ego.  I mean let’s get real here, if I can enhance you in some way, then obviously my essence is worth something to you, rather than trying to bait the Devil, strike up a deal with it!

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