The Internet

Why so serious?

5 responses to “The Internet

  1. LOL! Another fun and informative video Sin Jones 🙂

    You seem to be a person that attracts certain nay Sayers as it were. I remember being on the Ooze radio show and you had called in to ask me a question so many of the listeners took off(?????) I just do not understand that kind of crap myself.

    You seem to know your stuff(or do you?? lol) and can articulate yourself very well in writing and in video so even IF I disliked you I can “make peace with my adversary” and quite possibly learn something along the path.

    I am one of those that have a hard time putting thoughts into words on paper or in video, use to take me an hour or more to make a 10 minute video on YT, for that reason I am called “vague” but personally I do not put a period at the end of my thoughts.

    Good one

    • A lot of that comes from my affiliation with the CoC but more specifically, Venger Satanis. People love to hate that guy and are often duped by the ‘game’.

      I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if people don’t like my affiliations or vilify me for proxy issues. It’s telling of their mentality isn’t it?

  2. Good reality check on the internet.

    My opinion, the internet is a tool of communication.

    Not all statements on the internet is just opinion, some of those that throw out information on the internet are decision makers whose information is tied up to their decisions that impact the lives of others. Opinion is the property of those with no stake in the thing they talk about, they are irrelevant to decision makers.

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