I know its rough out there.  You want the world to believe you got this!  Pity, people aren’t as naive as you’d like them to be.  Poor little noobie!  You took a nose dive into the Interbutz and seem awfully butthurt that you came out the ass end of the thing.  You smell that?  I sure do.  You’ve been smoked!  You’re nothing but fart gas!  P-Fucking-Ew!

Arrogance is awesome, provided you have the goods to back it up!  Otherwise, your solipsistic existence doesn’t really get you far.  That much should be rather evident by your results.  People are laughing at you.  They are shaking their heads at your lack of self awareness.  You keep telling yourself that your clowning is for your own enjoyment.  What a sad little clown you are.  Sometimes the lie is better.  Have a good laugh at yourself and call it a day.  All this pissing and whining gets boring after a while.  You have become boring.  Deep down inside, I know you feel like a failure.  Let’s face it, you keep failing.  How far do you have to fall to realize you can’t come back from it?  You’re not really re-inventing yourself.  Your in a perpetual FAIL cycle.

At what point do you start learning from your mistakes?  You pound your chest like a leader, a teacher, and yet you fail at the learning curve yourself! You’re still running around in circles with scissors.  Still throwing wooden nickles and worshiping at the altars of gods.  Surely you know you are making them gods right?  No?  Poor little Noobies!

At other times, you’re standing on the shoulders of Giants!  Why do you think that fall hurts so bad?  That’s a long way down!  You’re like little grubs feeding the smaller creatures, while the Predators are out there hunting something more formidable!

You’re nothing more than food for that which feeds the gods, and they are swallowing you whole!  Nom… Nom… Nom…

You really think you’re out there doing the Devil’s work?   Really?

Pssst...  Let me fill you in on what’s really going on:

The Devil is doing you!

Sometimes the Lie is Better.

Believe it or not, people don’t really care what Deific Mask you wear, what they care about is what your doing under that costume.  What’s it doing for ya?  Why do you think people should follow you around?  What do you really have to offer?    People mainly sit back and watch you like a show.    You’re like a pilot that never gets off the ground.  Some noisy jingle that interrupts the entertainment, at best…. You’re Spam!

I’d offer you some advice, but why bother?  It would just fall on deaf ears.


You ain’t fooling anyone.  You wear your pathology on your sleeve like that bleeding heart of yours.  Go back into that hole you crawled out of, all that book learning certainly didn’t teach you much.  Go back to the drawing board and practice!  Practice!  Practice! Practice!  Produce some worthy results, and maybe… Just maybe, you can raise yourself up a notch from Noobie to Novice!   You aren’t entitled to a damn thing.  You earn admiration and respect just like everyone else.  You are not Special, in fact... You’re common!

You can’t handle a few critics?  A little constructive criticism?  Adversity?

Then say nothing…

Do nothing….

Be nothing!

Sin Jones


3 responses to “Noobs!

  1. I may not be the most Intelligent person In the world, I may not be the nicest, or the best looking, But I AM Who I am. I have never changed who I am or had to go back to re invent myself.
    I have been aN out of the closet satanist since I was 12 years old.

    these noobs are pathetic and try to hard to grab onto the Name of Satan but they do not Understand what Satan is.
    These people create New religions calling them traditional and place them in a sub genre of satanism but in reality all they are doing is creating cults and fiction.

    If people begin a fight just to slither away and cry then they obviously were not a very good adversary they did a piss poor job at being A Satanist.
    I can respect people who do not like me But I can not respect people who do not even believe in themselves and we see these sorts of people come out every year they talk a big game.
    But what do they have to offer? what have they created or contributed?

    Many of these noobs begin church organizations But they do not create the church to help people of their faith they create these churches to jerk off on their own egos.
    When things got bad for My church because of conflicts that I involved myself In i stepped down because I did not want the church and its people being attacked the church is not about me.

    I did like this post it got me thinking.
    Pope Robert fraize.

    • Thinking… That’s a start. Thing is, thinking can be causal. You can certainly think about the wrong things that permeate your entire being. Some thoughts are beneficial, while others can be damaging to what you aspire to become. First clue: You are not your ideas.

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