Skully Lariat by Sin Jones

Skully Lariat by SIN

I like this piece a lot, I wear it quite often.  It’s a simple piece to make!  Here’s how:

What you need:
Fishing line or Jewelry Wire
Glass Beads
Bone Skull Beads
Swavorski Crystal Barrels
Antique Skeleton Key
Crimp Beads
Glass Beads, Black
How long?
Measure your neck, it’s the best way to make a choker that sits right on your throat without actually choking you out.
Jewelry makes the outfit

Start by making your loop, depending on the mm of your beads, it can be anywhere from a 10-12 count.

Pull the excess line, use a crimp bead to seal it off using jewelry pliers. I like the heavier gauge crimp beads vs. the small thin ones.  They hold stronger, and last longer without tarnishing.  If you want to spend a little, you can get them in sterling silver (or plated). If you want to ensure they last, once you crimp them off paint them with a little clear nail-polish and let it dry.
Crimp Beads
I added a crystal barrel 5 beads after the crimp.  You can also add one at the crimp point if you like (hiding the crimp bead inside of it).
Crystal Barrel

Now you just add your beads, alternating between the glass beads, and the skulls.

Skull Beads in Bone

You can add a few more crystal barrels for a little bit of sparkle.  When you feel like you’ve strung enough beads, you’ll crimp off the end, leaving a loop to add the key.

Skeleton Keys

It was actually cheaper to find ‘antique’ keys in the scrapbooking section of the craft store, vs. buying jewelry elements.  The keys I have are an antique brass.  I wanted small keyes vs. the larger authentic keys I had on hand.  The real keys are kind of heavy.  Sometimes they are painted to look ‘rusty’ for scrapbooking but you can usually clean them up pretty good to use for jewelry making.  The silver-tone keys have a tendency to tarnish in no time (due to the oils in your skin).  If you don’t mind the faded look, you may want to coat the key in polish too so it doesn’t leave a green residue behind.  Brass seems to keep well without the process.

You should have one strand of beads with a loop on one end, and your key dangling from the other.  Like so:
Finished Piece

I used a smaller mm bead for the key loop, then crimped it off.

You can wear it off to the side, or let the key hang in the front.  Get creative with the beads and arrangement.  For this piece, I wanted to randomize the beads rather than making them an even count.

Skully Lariat by Sin Jones

Make it for you, or a gift!

Other ideas:
Wrap it around your wrist for a layered bracelet.  Make it an 108 count on the beads, for an interesting Mala strand for meditation and/or prayer (27 for a bracelet).
Sin Jones

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