Satanists & Christmas…

Do Satanists celebrate Christmas?

It’s a commonly asked question, and morbid curiosity.  Some do, some don’t.  There’s no cookie-cutter mold for the individual Satanist.

Do I celebrate Christmas?

Yes and No.  Yes, I put up a tree and purchase gifts for my son, but No we don’t celebrate it as a religious holiday.  It’s a Hallmark holiday that is part of American culture.  There’s hardly a kid the U.S. not exposed to it.  It’s typically religious groups that don’t acknowledge it, depending on that particular group’s theology (such as Jehova’s Witnesses).

For the rest of us, those non-religious, it’s a time for plastic trees, jolly Santa ringing the charity bell outside of retail stores, and horrid holiday music that you can’t seem to escape!  I swear I’d like to murder Mariah Carey for her holiday songs!



Telling tales of the La Befana or Krampus, offer some relief from your typical holiday story-telling.  I’d sooner tell the tale of a Woman who hides her child away from the King, and a Nature Spirit beating people with sticks, than I would the age-old tale of the birth of God’s begotten son!    People have lost the true meaning of that story anyway, they really think some omnipotent being birthed himself on Earth!

Believe me when I say, I’ll be glad when my son outgrows it.  I can barely stomach my 3′ tall tree, complete with fiber-optic lighting.  Though, it does give me a bit of Nostalgia when I pull out all the little ornaments my child has made over the years.  As a parent, you do your best to give your child a bit of magic during the holidays when they are small.  Even at 17, he demands it.  We joked about the 12″ tree I received as a facetious gift being the ‘only’ tree being put up this year, and my son threw up his fist, and said and I quote:  “Damn you!  You Grinch!”  We had a laugh over it, and I assured him the 3′ tree would go up upon request.  I just put that up 3 days ago.  It kills me to have it up for even a week, just for giving my son stuff he could get any other day of the year.  I mean seriously, it’s not as if this kid is deprived.  When I was small, Christmas was one of the few days a year you got anything new at all when you were poor.  New clothes, toys and some treats.  It was a day to look forward to!

American culture is weird.  We go through the motions until it’s no longer necessary.  Those folks without kids and no holiday ‘cheer’ to speak of, would hardly bother at all, and people treat them like they are completely sociopathic.  It’s just another day of the week.  Get a grip people!  We are more inclined to celebrate the sigh of relief when all that Christmas Crap goes back to the warehouses only to gasp again to see Valentines Day Novelty out in January!



Yule isn’t much better, it’s typically the same pretentious symbolism only with gobs of pentacles and winter hero worship.  I’m sure it’s a bigger deal to Europeans, I’ve always favored their holiday tales and spirits.   In areas that get a great deal of snow, it marks the outside fair as Holda brushes the landscape with the snow of her skirt.  I rather admire the old tales of Epic Battles with Norse Ice Giants and Krampus beating bratty children to a pulp, what joy!


Here in Virginia we don’t get much snow, but when we do there is hardly a place to enjoy it.  I can recall one year when I took a friend to Mt. Trashmore at 3am to go sledding down the heap, which isn’t allowed at any other time!  I moved to Virginia to get away from the cold weather.  Growing up in the North, you tire of the Blizzards and layering on clothing just to get from A to B.

My favorite season in the South has always been the Fall.  The summers are brutal, we barely get a Spring and the Winter is cold and dreary.


What’s the big deal if Satanists do celebrate it anyway?

Christmas is only a religious holiday to the religious.  For the rest it’s often a time for gluttony, greed and vanity.  Any holiday that marks the beast is usually embraced.

Some people get too wrapped up in the religious symbolism, and the Nativity.  I’ve always found the symbolism of the scene to be quite Occult and was never intended to be taken literally.  If you examine it more closely you’ll see it clearly hidden in plain view.  It doesn’t bother me that people take it literally, or light a birthday candle for the birth of Christ.  What bothers me is the obsession over who celebrates what and the why.

I can remember an article a few years ago that said something like, you’ll be able to spot the ‘real’ Satanists when they don’t have a tree up during the ‘holy days’.  Oh yeah?  Is that so!  I suppose the real knuckleheads think like that.

Some of my pagan friends put up black foil trees and cover them with faeries and sex nymphs, while others glorify Winter heroes and fallen ancestors.  What ever blows wind up their skirts, I say.  For me, I do it for my kid.  Christmas has always been my least favorite holiday.  Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle in stores, annoying inconsiderate crowds and horrible fake ‘cheer’ and ‘good will’ wished towards All.  Or Maybe I outgrew it when I was a child, and it just doesn’t have any magic left in it.

But hey, if you want to drop me a card in the mail or buy me something on my Amazon Wish List, have at it!

I’ve been doing a Yule Card/Gift Exchange for years.  Feel free to contact me for details.  I’m always willing to barter for items found listed on my Store.


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