Beware of the Arrows!

Beware of the Arrows


Beware of the Arrows.  Don’t make yourself a Martyr, in the end you’ll only get clubbed to death.  Amateurs in the Devil’s game are nothing more than stories told by those that LIVE… Those Diabolical.  We of the Devil. We live on.  You fade into obscurity.  You are some poor slob’s Hero for today, just for today.  Tomorrow?  You are a memory forgotten.  Whispers in passing,  “hey do you remember that guy that once did such and such, boy was he awesome right?”  Wrong.  You are nothing, you’ve been shot down like easy prey.

The Devils set the game, you think you know how to play?  You think you are playing by the Devil’s rules?  Boy are you dense, how naive you are to believe there are any rules at all.  Poor little Saint, maybe that old gal Irene will be waiting for ya and heal your broken brain.  Maybe she’ll whisk you away to some heavenly place where you can be worshiped in the halls of The Golden Legend.  An iconic Martyr of the deaf, dumb and blind plagued in ignorance.

There you are, suspended by the Arrows, when all you had to do was be smart enough to evade the archers.  You think you are a smarty pants don’t ya?  You are too stupid to realize how the game is really played.  You can Google some knowledge, you’ll never be Wise.  The best you can hope for is to bleed out on the altar of SIN.

Bleed for me.

Farewell Sebastian… Farewell.

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