Don’t tell me who to hate…

Don’t tell me who to hate…

Don’t tell me who to hate, hatred requires an emotional investment and I rarely invest.

People are fickle and flighty, if you are not paying attention, you can miss their transformation and a maggot becomes a fly.

An asshole can become a loyal friend, a douchebag can take a 180 turn with a little self-work, and your most loyal ‘friend’ can become an asshole with a leaning towards douchebaggery.  They buzz away in gossip circles telling their tall tales of your life.  They think they seem to know what you hate.

Some people live in their own heads.  They don’t really allow themselves to be influenced by the thoughts and ideas of others.  While others live to be people pleasers, they tend to take on the popular opinion, so they gain popularity with their peers and don’t fall out of favor with their friends.

I observe, study, and work at being in a state of awareness.   It doesn’t mean that you are aware of my state of mind.

You don’t get to decide what I hate.  Only I can do that.  Any influence you force my way, or predicate you dictate is just more data for my observation. I’ve never been a people pleaser.  If you find yourself displeased, these sound like your problems.  Don’t attempt to make them mine, or you’ll find yourself with the short-end of the stick.

You can try to beat your drum in my direction, it doesn’t mean I’ll dance to your tune.  In fact, it will fall on deaf ears.  You and your hate, boy are you an investor.  What is your return, I wonder?  Scream it from the rooftops, tell the world about your pain.  You wear your heart on your sleeve, and it makes you a victim.  Poor little you, what will you do with all that hate?  Maybe you’ll let it fester and build that insufferable person that is you.  Fill yourself up with hate until you explode.  Maybe then you’ll pick up the pieces and build yourself anew.  Or maybe you’ll just auto-cannibalize all that decay.

Me?  I’ll just observe and study you like an insect, watch your transformation.  Fly away little maggot!  Fly!




Sin Jones


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