Running around with scissors

Running around with scissors



If you are familiar with the metaphor, you’ll follow along just fine.  If you are not, well… Make of it what you will.

The atmosphere in which the Occult is discussed can be the comfortable sitting rooms of the Occultist, or the chaos of a Dilapidated Victorian house and its tenants.  Choose your atmosphere wisely.  I fare just fine in any environment, but I’m often contacted by Occultists that seek me out to express their frustrations.

The reality of the Occult today is that it has been some sort of trendy hipster way of life lived by Occultniks.  They have no real love for knowledge or ascension.  They want to feel like special snowflakes with super-powers.  If you are an authentic Occultist, then you know how to spot them.  If you are an Occultnik, I’m sure you are ready to project your emotionality all over my blog. Save it.  You ain’t selling cupcakes here.  Don’t palm my hand with shit and call it a cupcake, I know better.

The authentic Occultist may grow frustrated and completely disenchanted with conversing with other Occultists.  It happens.  There are very few Occultists worth their weight in salt that offer any inspiration or stimulation.  The authentic Occultist really doesn’t have an issue with a solitary existence.

We are social animals, I get it.  The idea that the Occultist needs to socialize with other Occultists usually stems from that lust for knowledge.  It’s a romance understood by the few.  It doesn’t mean that in seeking Occult ‘friendlies’ that you’ll get what you are after.   In essence, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, and resentment.

If you find yourself frustrated, disappointed and resentful towards Occultniks then now is a time for introspect.  Let’s face it, this is about you, and not about the inept running around with scissors.  You can either relax in your sitting rooms or rot in the dilapidated state of the Occult.  An authentic Occultist will fare just fine.

Maybe this blog will serve as a useful reminder: Become what you are.

Sin Jones

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