What are you hiding from?

I’ve already won.  The moment you have to hide your identity behind a pseudonym, fake profile or anonymous account you admit your defeat.

You glorify me further, in fact… You worship at my altar.  Leaving me offerings, abased before me, and in my glory.

What are you hiding from?

What are you afraid of?

Do you not have any sense of self-worth? Dignity or Pride?

Run Rabbit! Run!

I ask the hard questions.  Recently, I’ve asked you how you live, the question seeks an answer, one that only you can provide.  What are you hiding from?  What are you so afraid of?  I know, I know… Only the Brave live on forever.

The rest?  They will roam the earth, mindless drones, forgotten, without legacy or accomplishments of their own.  They can only survive as the collective.  When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth.  It is the meek that inherit this earthly plane, while gods live on in memory.  What will you be remembered for?  No one will remember you, you are too busy running…Hiding…Living in Fear.   Shadows chase the light, and the sun bends darkness into the unknown, what is more sinister than knowing and having the upper-hand?

Ah. Yes…keep hiding.  The Slyman is the harbinger of your woe.  Every time you speak his name, there is a tremble in your convictions.  Feed it your life, bear it your very soul.  On your knees, in the dark, masked in shadow where it’s safe.  Descend into the pits of a wanting for things you’ll never have but I will surely take.

Sin Jones


One response to “What are you hiding from?

  1. I use a separate Facebook account for my occult networking, both sharing of occult interests and pursuits of such and to avoid any possible drama with those I know outside of the realm of Facebook.

    I don’t do this out of fear, though. Just fancy.
    Of course I don’t attack others or create any drama of my own. Which I think you’re referring to those that do in this post.

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