The Burdens of Compromise…

The burdens of compromise…

Religion is diverse and it has an effect on American culture but it doesn’t mean we are at war with each other.  It just means we don’t always agree on the issues.

Some religious leaders speak up and out against groups of people that do not agree with their particular theological mindset.  These groups they speak out against are still fighting for equal rights and privilege in the United States.

Many groups use shock and awe to get their attention to say:

Hey asshole, I deserve the same liberties and pursuits of happiness as you do…So cut the shit!

This does not mean we are at war with one another.   Some Satanists do not practice reactionary Satanism.   They regard the iconic Satan as simply their mentor and guide through this life which is not much different than other religions regard their respective deities.

Raging against the machine often uses the notion of war and battle as people fight for their liberties and freedoms and this can often get out of hand.  Symbolic metaphor can often be taken literally and any semblance of diplomatic relations is thereby lost in the discourse.

Temples of Satan: New Aeon is approaching the issues in many ways, and looking for extraordinary individuals which share similar goals.  Similar but different.  Diversity and individualism does not equate to carbon copies of the same ideas or mindsets.  We each endure the burden of compromise.  If you are unwilling or able to compromise, then it can only communicate the divisiveness of tactics employed to support notions of otherization.  Either you are with us or against us…This thought process is held by many people which is why conflicts are giving momentum to continue.

In 2008 I was part of a non-profit organization that pursued an endeavor of ushering in coexistence through education and resource outlets.  Its fundraising projects supported a print publication that was issued to the public free of charge.  It acted as a conduit for sharing information and demonstrating diversity in thought and practice.  Notions of ‘peace’ often run in tandem with coexistence and tolerance.  I find ‘peace’ an enigma that people try to understand more clearly.  What is peace?  How can we be working towards peace if individual people have a different understanding of what peace is?  Do people really want peace and if so what are they doing to manifest a peaceful coexistence?  I wrote an article entitled The Science of World Peace, the editor liked it so much it became one of the feature articles in issue #118.  This publication was distributed locally and abroad and so my article would reach a reader base that increases with a pass-a-long rate.  It reached a lot of folks and even more so now that I’ve been given expressed permission to share it on my Scribd account.  I continue to ask the question:  Will peace remain an enigma?

In 2012 I still see the same conflicts and cannibalism that occurs in groups when they try to work together.  Everything seems to start off all well and good but the minute you disagree with another person involved, divisive tactics are used to distance themselves from those that they disagree with.  People resign from co-op projects because they admit to themselves that they are not willing to cooperate or compromise.

Maybe they feel like they are losing their personal identity in a group.  Or, perhaps they just don’t trust those they are working with to have their best interests in mind.  They are valid concerns and have more to do with the sense of self, than it does with those they network with.  There are many challenges one faces when working in a group.

I started my own zine called Grotto Magazine as a way for diverse minds to come together to address the issues without feeling like they were part of a group, or losing their personal identity.  Anyone could contribute their ideas to the forum for the reader to consider.  My hope was that the zine would be given momentum by those that contributed and the readers that looked forward for the content in each issue.   The Spring Edition was a sample of what I was aspiring towards, as well as demonstrates a topic discussed in a grotto format.  I began with the theme ‘Group Efforts’, with the questions posed:  What challenges do we face when creating a group effort?  What are some coping skills you can offer to overcome them?  Why do people create group efforts?

The spring issue was a bit disappointing but by the Summer Edition it was starting to really take form.  I was also working on the official newsletter for the Cult of Cthulhu called The Green Trapezoid which I presented in a similar format to my own zine which was gravely different than the issues of the Green Trap I helped produce in past years.  It’s received great feedback and readership.  It shares a similar but different approach to some of the social issues I continue to cover in my personal pursuits.

It has been proposed that I merge the two zines into one.  This would require that I compromise.  I would need to limit the focus of the Grotto while expanding the focus of the Green Trap.  I’ve been mulling it over the last few weeks, and the merger is looking more favorable than it had when it was first brought to the table for my consideration.  I am willing to compromise if the larger issues are addressed and my personal goals do not lose focus.  If the merger diminishes my aspirations to those of another then obviously I would have to make adjustments to get back on track.  This may require the burden of compromise.

Compromising doesn’t mean we conform or give up our individuality.  It just means that disputes are settled by concessions being made on both sides.  Sometimes these concessions are just too much for one side to bear and so they exit the dispute rather than trying to settle it for benefits to both sides.

Tolerance doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything, or tolerate abhorrent behavior to coexistence.  Coexisting doesn’t mean we have to hold hands and join each other’s churches or projects with full acceptance of terms.  It just means we can reside in the same space, without inciting war.  War, is often used symbolically to represent the battles we fight each day for Liberty and Freedom.

While I am active, I am also faced with activists that are reveling against my pursuits.  This thereby makes me their adversary.  If for instance, I am in support of same sex marriage and another group is against it, then obviously we are now faced with the same issue but with opposing sides.  For or Against.    It seems simple to me when dealing with notions of ‘rights’ and ‘privilege’.  If marriage is a right, then why are only certain people allowed it as a privilege?

Religious groups speak out about polyamory, bigamy, homosexuality and alternative lifestyles as an abomination.  They are active in ensuring that divisive tactics are used to ensure otherization is employed in the hearts of minds of people to rob people of their ‘rights’ that they are not even privileged with in the first place.

I’ve covered many topics over the years and I don’t just focus on Occultism, paganism and Satanism.  In more recent years I continue to keep a watchful eye over the FLDS case.   As a critical thinking person I am not fooled by the political motives in place to ensure that not only are the FLDS subjugated and oppressed, but coerced into corruption.

In addition, there are always financial motives; the devil is always in the details.  Some of my listeners would ask:

 “Sin, why are you speaking up and out for the FLDS church when they financially support lobbyists which are against same sex marriage?” 

The answer is easy for me; a witch hunt is a witch hunt.  I expect the FLDS church to be active in ensuring that same sex marriage is never made a reality in the states of Utah, Texas, Arizona and Colorado.  They are a sect of people motivated by religious theology that teaches them it’s an abomination.  It doesn’t mean that what is being done to them is right or just.  It doesn’t mean I have to ‘hate’ this group for not supporting same sex marriage.  It’s just another group of people opposed to it and for theological reasons.  They have reasons to not support it.

I have reasons for speaking out against the violations of their ‘rights’ and liberties which are politically motivated and rooted in corruption.  If laws are in place to protect ALL United States citizens, then why am I constantly seeing otherization in use to ensure that only ‘some’ people are privileged with this protection? Right…I understand.  It’s because they are a corrupt group of child rapers and molesters right?  It’s been in the news, so it’s all true.  This group should be hunted into complete extinction because they don’t have a ‘right’ to live their religious lives the way they see fit.  It’s all to protect the children from child rapers.    The War on Children is divisive abstract mechanism used to pull on the heart strings of the people to justify such blatant disregard for personal Liberty and Freedom.

There is corruption in EVERY group of people.  It doesn’t mean that all of the people in that group are corrupt.  As I noted in my article in issue #118, The Science of World Peace, a culture of corruption is not seeking peace and coexistence.  It just seeks more corruption.  The burden of compromise lies with ‘We the People of the United States of America’.  Obviously, ‘we’ are not willing to compromise, but ‘I’ am.  I am willing to make concessions when they are fruitful to both sides for the purpose of settling disputes and being more productive.

“I” am often alone in this sentiment.  I am perfectly fine with being on my own, and if networking suits me for my causes I will network.  ’I’ am not an organization, I organize efforts.  Some efforts succeed and others fail, and this is part of the trials and tribulations of life.  I live.  I do not throw up my hands and say:  “Well that failed, I should just give up.” This is not a compromise I am willing to make.  

This burden is just too much for me to bear.  There will always be disputes, and some disputes may never be settled and so they continue on as conflicts in any given society.  Change and evolution does not happen overnight.  It may take thousands of years and occur long after I’m dead.  When I lay upon my death bed I will not be bitter.  I will not resent not having lived my life to the fullest capacity.  I will remain active in pursuing my aspirations until my dying day.  I am passionate about a great many things, hell…I’m even downright religious about them.  Some things are just too damn important to stay silent, complacent and apathetic.

Divisiveness will be used to otherize my person and vilify it wholly.  I expect this.  I am prepared for this.  I am strong enough to cope with this.  It doesn’t mean that others that network with me are, or have the testicular fortitude it requires to stand strong by one’s convictions.  They may in fact become casualties in battles fought on the fields of this conceptualized WAR.  Language cuts like a razor, and even though not a single drop of blood is shed the wounds run deep for many involved in activist pursuits and awareness campaigns.  Symbols do have power and all language is symbolic.

As our modern societies are a buzz with gadgetry it seems to distract from the symbol illiteracy that is, in my opinion, a growing problem.  You are being hit with symbols at every turn and some are stuck in the back of your brain like a ninja star and you don’t even know it’s there.  You are knocked unconscious so that these symbols can do their mojo on your thinking.  The way you see the world is thereby skewed and a new “reality” is painted for you to believe you have choices.   People aren’t always self-aware or make realizations that they are being controlled by those in power.  The choices laid out before them are already chosen for them by those in power.




Symbols in use by the Bullshit Artist to keep you complacent, and apathetic when your ‘rights’ and ‘privileges’ are being used against you to strip you of happiness and program what your pursuits and aspirations SHOULD BErather than what you really want.

I know, these are another man’s problems.  It doesn’t get your attention untilYOU are subjugated and oppressed so blatantly until you scream “I have rights!!!!”  Fuck your rights.  They are bullshit passed off as progress.  You have no rights.  You have to work to gain privilege in this country and often times you are so programmed with ‘curriculum’ and ‘education’ that you stand completely ignorant in the grotto and you are just shadows dancing on the wall.    You are a slave justifying your master.    So excuse me while I’m shaking my head at you when you are complaining about your servitude.   You are not willing to make concessions or compromise when it benefits you to do so.  You are too busy being counter-productive and using your pride in such a way that it’s quite obvious to me that you haven’t a clue about the nature of things.

Learn to compromise and bear the burdens of it when it’s productive and reject it when it’s counter-productive.  Know the difference.

That’s my advice.

Sin Jones

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