If You Seek Acceptance: You Seek Slavery

It’s admirable when people step forward to provide valuable information.  The Bullshit Artist wants you ignorant.  They want to rule you by Fear.  You may be offering a valuable commodity which directly competes with another’s.  Maybe there’s is mediocre and they aren’t really offering anything of value.  Doesn’t matter, they still want to be #1.  The Bullshit Artist will use every possible tactic to take you out.

Guerrilla Marketing includes tarnishing your reputation and your brand.  Methods like using Ripoff Report and Scambook are a way to ensure that the public is deterred from considering what YOU have to offer.

Most businesses rely on their reputations to conduct business.  Word of mouth advertising is always the #1 method by which consumers make buying decisions. If a product or service comes highly recommended it motivates new buyers to check out what you have to offer.  Even if it’s just information.  If your brand becomes tarnished with a violation of moral and ethical values, especially those that pull on the heart strings of consumers, businesses take the hit.  When they employ a large number of people they too take the hit.  It comes in the form of cut-backs and layoffs as sales plummet.

If you are not a business, and just a single person on the web blogging, and providing information media this effect may be taken off the web and into your life. This content is out there, and people discover it rather quickly with web-crawlers. It rises fast up to the front page, and often rises above your own official websites.    I often write about the subject of Social Media Abuse for the purpose of ruling others by Fear.

It’s just another tool in the hands of your enemies.  If you are in a position to counter it and are not concerned with the dirty tactics employed by marketeers you are a warrior fighting a never-ending battle.  Freedom isn’t free, you have to fight for it as the Bullshit Artist is out there trying to force you into servitude.  Knowledge is power but it can also corrupt, degrade and degenerate your levels of being.

Those with higher knowledge have strategies in place.  The idea that one should always take the high-ground is an archaic value that hasn’t applied since the advent of the Internet.   The user interface offers innovation in battle.  Your competitors want what you have and if they can’t earn it themselves they will try to attain it by standing on the shoulders of gods.

A level of ambiguity would serve you well as you are creating your own paradigms, sharing information and offering a platform to the public to share it.  If you care about your reputation.   If you seek acceptance and live in fear of the masters.

If you seek acceptance, you are making yourself a slave.

Sin Jones

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