Satanic Politics

Sounds odd, I know but it exists.  To understand this more clearly I’ll break it down.

Satanic = of or pertaining to Satan

Politics = of or pertaining to citizens

Everything is political, including Satanism.  On a more personal level, Satanism is a set of practices and beliefs held by people that pertain to Satan either symbolically or literally.  One Satanist isn’t very political, but there is an internal sense of politicking going on.  I’ve written many pieces in the past about the internal self and how it’s not as solidified as one would imagine.  We each have various levels of self, we can conceptualize this as having many selves and they aren’t always on the same page.  The self is often perplexed with influences all around us, and our unique experiences.  What we think and feel today may differ tomorrow with more data.

When Satanists come together on any platform whether tangible or virtual, there’s a metric ton of politics and bureaucratic conflict.  Some Satanists believe that Satanism is or should be regarded as a sensible religion and/or philosophy.  This isn’t always the case.  The Satanisms of others is often senseless and may be the very thing degrading their sense of self.  Seeking other Satanists is a way to make sense of it all, or rendering it senseless.

When conflict arises all the archetypes are present:

The peace-maker:  One who believes they have both willingness and capability to mediate conflict to keep the peace.

The rabble-rouser: One who stirs the conflict to ensure that no chance for peace can be mediated.

The leader: One who puffers themselves up a leader and authority over all Satanists to order either resolve or more conflict.

The rebel: One who answers to no authority but doesn’t necessarily have a vested interest in peace or stirring the pot.

The watchers: Those that observe but do not participate in any manner.  They take in the data to be internalized for their own agendas.

The investors:  Those that actively participate in the conflict to determine who is responsible and then act in accordance.  They have a vested interest either for or against the conflict.

It becomes an organic council of bureaucracy and it is indeed excessive.  People wrap themselves in Satanic red-tape and it’s been this way since the 60’s.  In other words this isn’t the evolution of Satanism, this is just the way things are, and have been since Satanists stepped into the public and out of their sitting rooms.  It’s just more public.  In the private chambers of Satanic groups it’s not much different.  Groups form and dissolve when the council has served its purpose or the conflict is just too much to bear.

 Internet councils are easy to dismiss.  It’s just a matter of clicking that little red ‘x’ at the top of your screen and poof!  It all disappears.  It doesn’t mean the politicking stops.  It’s been internalized and continues within the self.  It may be the cause for some self-styled Satanists to get so frustrated they decide to shirk the label.  This is why there are so many used-to-be Satanists. The needs of the one out-weigh the needs of the many.

Those that tough it out may seek to exit when the council rises.  They prefer a more drama-free zone of existence.  The moment things become political they exit stage left.  The goal of those on the Left-hand-path is to strive towards the godhead, attain more power and main their self-governance.  This includes managing their compulsions to participate in Satanic politics.

I’m an investor.  I have a vested-interest in socio-political issues in Satanism.  This may not always be clear to the observer and I do maintain a level of ambiguity purposefully.  My agendas are my own.  You are not entitled to have them made clear.  I don’t owe you a thing, and equally you owe me nothing.  As an observer it may be in your best interest to steer clear of me.  It may be the sensible thing to do.  I don’t require a populace of support for my goals.

Some observers are even so bold as to believe they have a clear understanding of my goals.  I assure you they are mistaken.  People make mistakes and may even take actions that lead them to believe they are on the righteous path.  These self-righteous Satanists are part of the schema of Satanic politics.  To know me, is to know my expressions.  I defer you to my Book of SIN for more insights, but it doesn’t mean it will refer you to the answers you seek.  This takes a vested interest on your part.  This makes you an investor.  Invest yourself wisely, or else be stratified along with other bureaucratic dipshittery that exits in Satanism.

That’s my advice.


Sin Jones

The Poison Apple


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