Crack-pots in the Occult

I don’t know how much more I can emphasize this, but I’ll give it a shot.  YES, there are crack-pots in the Occult.  Complete batshit crazy nutters and there are more of these types, than there are rational Occultists. This is a reality.

How do you know in all certainty that you are not one of them?

When I converse with folks online, they often lament to me how they are just now realizing how crazy most people are.  I can’t help but laugh.  Just now realizing this?  Seriously?  I’ve written in past blogs how the Occult attracts people with mental conditions.  Either they are looking for coping tools or other explanations than there is something biologically wrong with their brains, or there is some sort of psychological issue that hasn’t been dealt with.  It’s sort of commonplace.  Think about it.  How content would you be with having schizophrenia?  Wouldn’t it be more interesting to believe you have super human powers, and that the voices in your head are messengers?  I digress…

The sooner that people realize this, the better off they will be.  There is no requisite that you reach out to other Occultists and speak with them.  Why not just study on your own, and employ the tools you acquire from Occult study?  Ah yes...Social Media.  The bane to gaining diverse perspectives on Occult topics.  Believe it or not, there are some Occult groups that manage to keep the crazies out because they screen applicants to their online discussion groups.  Some even have cognitive testing to ensure they are dealing with a rational person.   

If a group doesn’t screen you, there’s a sign right there screaming in your face.  This means, they welcome all kinds…To include the crazies.  Some groups try not to discriminate and pride themselves in offering diversity.  They usually have their work cut out for them as forum moderators and administrators.  Hell, sometimes the group owners are batshit crazy themselves, so you are walking into a whirlwind of crazy.  And it’s a Crazy Train!  All Aboard!

I created an Occult forum on, discussion appears to be mature and rational.  This could change.  Only if I am an ineffective site admin/moderator.  So far, so good.   I wanted to kick this thing off differently than I had in the past running a site for Occultists.  I didn’t want the site to be a replica of my personal blogs and writing.  Instead, I’d leave it up to the Occultists themselves to create discussions, groups, and content to be discussed by members.  It’s been a bit slow going, but who knows?  It will either succeed or fail.  I’m fine with either scenario.  

As Occultists, we gravitate towards content we find appealing to our own personal thoughts and ideals.  Many of us have studied for a very long time, and get tired of the same old hat.  A fresh perspective tends to mix things up and inspire us to study subjects we may not have been interested in; before the inspiration comes in the form of a forum topic.

Crazies will often behave erratically and become unmanageable and get banned from forums all the time.  Happens all the time.  Some sites have the reputation for having a zero tolerance policy for some behaviors.  It’s their prerogative to do so.   Some people just have crack-pot ideas, and it’s a personal choice to engage in conversation with them.  Some people are crack-pots 24/7 and may engage you in conversation; it’s still a choice on whether or not you’ll respond.  I tend to ignore absolute nutty messages or forum posts.  If the topic doesn’t get any hits, then obviously other members are making a conscious choice to ignore them as well.  Nature of forums.

There’s the issue of ‘community’ that should be mentioned as well.  Some forums are considered communities and participating makes you part of that community.  Even if, that forum does not behave like a community.  Some members hold to that value strongly, that as a member you are part of a community whether you like it or not.  As such, you will be held to their personal values of what that really means.  Even if you object to their ideals and imposed morality, they persist.  The more they persist, the more erratic they become.  It may start on a forum topic, and then develop into a blog, next thing you know they are blowing up your inbox with crazy messages.  The more you ignore them, the more they cry for attention.  

How do you deal with these people?  

I can only offer some advice, what you do is up to you:

1.  Ignore forum posts

2.  Ignore blogs

3.  Block this person from contacting you directly

4.  If all else fails, contact the administrator

5.  If you do not find resolve from the admin of the site, now you have yet another choice to make:

A.  You stay on the site and do your best not to engage this crazy person in conversation

B.  You cancel your membership from the site

When dealing with cyber-bullying or harassment, you have to remember that you are on the Internet by choice.  No one has a gun to your head making you sit there on your computer.  You are not being forced to visit websites, or participate.  This is your choice.  It will be handled in this manner by law enforcement should you seek legal resolve for the crazies on the web.

Be self-governing.  That’s my advice.

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple

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