To correct a mistake in your "Bullshit Artist" post: The ancient Romans did not view all barbarians as uncivilized. To be a barbarian simply meant to hail from beyond the Roman empire. The Romans, including emperors, considered many barbarians perfectly respectable; it was only later, in modern times, that "barbarian" acquired its pejorative meaning. The ancient Roman's understanding of the term is closer to our word "foreigner"–and viewing all foreigners as uncivilized is xenophobic.

It is not a mistake.  I am quite aware of what it meant to be pagan in a Roman context.  And if you check your history, the Barbarian class were in fact hunted and were at war with the Patrician Class.  

You must look to the time period in which I am referring.  Yes, there were specific time periods in which the Barbarians were embraced but this changed dramatically during the period of Christendom.


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