great response, truly. but im confused, someone as bright as you, devoting their time to some stupid fucking idea such as satanism created by hollywood failed fools such as lavey? what if you found out that the corporate master are actually satanists, and the reason for all the resentment you have towards the world and its corruption is actually because of the true Satanists society claiming to be christians, so in all actuality you're fueling your enemy. of course this is all just my opinion.

I will attempt to alleviate your confusion.  Satanism is provocative, and I do believe you have some preconceived notions about my Satanism.  Sure, LaVey had his own treatise on Satanism, but that belonged to him.  I don’t subscribe to LaVey’s ideas, but I do find myself agreeing with some of the ideas he held during his life.  It doesn’t mean I follow his Satanism.

I’m certain that some of those that work for various corporations are in fact Satanists.  As a matter of fact, I used to be one of those Corporate giants, until I resigned from my career.  We often find our adversaries in the same camp, and? Isn’t that true for any set of ideals or philosophies?  Just because a person has a notion to use a label for themselves, does not mean we are kindred.  

I often find myself reveling against other Satanists.  I expect nothing less.  Anyone or anything that opposes my personal ideals and goals, is in fact my adversary.

As a species, we fuel each other.  It is the nature of who and what we are.  I strive to exceed this humanity, but it doesn’t mean that this will be accomplished in a day.  It takes dedication and personal discipline. I use ALL the elements of Satan.  It doesn’t matter much that YOU believe it to be stupid, in fact I expect that mechanical people will react to my Satanism and it is indeed stratifying.

You are entitled to your opinion.  The fact that you chose to voice it to me, tells me you are a thinker.  This gives me hope.



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