Stupidity should be painful

When you get out there in the world, you deal with stupidity.  It’s a reality and one that can be altered with a little change of perception.  Treat these lemmings like they are drunks in a bar, and have a good laugh.  The flip side to the coin, is that there are a shit ton of stupid people in any given society mucking up the joint with their stupid choices and actions.  And its no laughing matter.

Even stupid people have a voice and go through great efforts to have it heard.  Add a little demented self-image and weak ego to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.  Pay attention to the mediocrity all around you, and it is no surprise why American society has been on a decline for quite some time.  Sure, there’s some progress here and there as mobs of people make demands for this or that, but on a larger scale American stupidity affects the world over.  

Everything is interconnected.  Whether that connectivity is commerce, or cultural cross-seeding.  When America is on an economic decline, it is because poor choices have been made, and the wrong agendas supported.  Most of this perpetual motion is due to the mechanical nature of stupid people.  It doesn’t really matter whether its Socio-political or economic. Drones run amok believing they are the smartest in the bunch.  Those that seek to cure this mediocrity sure have their work cut out for them, and it must be driven as a labor of love.  Otherwise, the frustration will make you bitter and disenchanted with making a difference.

One of the most resounding messages in Modern Satanism is that “Stupidity should be painful” – Anton Szandor LaVey

I swear, I’d like to invent a device that shoots an electrical current to the brains of the stupid.  The days of electric shock therapy have pretty much faded into archaic practice, but ya know?  I’d like to see it make a come back.  Some people are so stupid, that no matter what effort is made to make them smarter, they are determined and content in their stupidity.  And so, the rest of us have to suffer them, their stupid choices and willful ignorance.

What will it really take for the stupid to realize they are dragging the rest of this society down?  That knowledge is power, but equally it can corrupt and especially when wielded by the stupid?

I don’t have all the answers, but I continue to seek them.

The natural order of things has been corrupted by man’s need to fiddle with invention and prolong life.  The weak should perish, and pray Satan that some cataclysmic event occurs to crack open the earth like a nut and swallow those fuckers whole!

One can only hope.

Sin Jones


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