Temples of Satan: New Aeon is a new era in Theistic Satanism. The organization and its affiliates are devoted to manifesting its vision.  ToSNA is not a church or temple, but instead a network of organizations and individuals devoted to Satan as something more than a cultural symbol of subjugation and oppression.  Satan as Lord expresses itself through the conduit of its devotees and will be as diverse in interpretation and expression as those that find solace in its name. 

It will serve as a networking and education resource to provide an atmosphere which fosters building bridges between groups and resolving conflict.  It is our hope that those who choose to affiliate with us are both willing and able to bring this vision into fruition.

TOSNA – Mission Statement

The fundamentals of the Temples of Satan is to provide a harbor for Theistic Satanism, and Theistic Satanists of any ilk. Our foundation must be strong, in order for us to build upon it. The Temples of Satan will uphold its Statement of Faith as well as its primary mission in the face of any challenge or obstacle it faces. Our mission is to provide a platform for Theistic Satanists to network for the purpose of sharing knowledge, practice, and understanding the spiritual pursuits of its affiliates.

Our Mission

The Temples of Satan pursues the following:

  • To serve as an education epicenter
  • To provide a platform for diplomatic relations among groups and inviduals
  • To act as a safe-harbor for its affiliates to refine their own missions
  • To provide a networking platform for socio-political issues Theistic Satanists face in our modern society
  • To clearly outline and codify Theistic Satanism as a recognized religion with adherents
  • To service the unique needs of Theistic Satanists
  • To serve as a herald, a voice for Theistic Satanists

We will remain active in the pursuit of our mission. It is our hope that Theistic Satanism will stand counted, and recognized as both a valid religion and way of life lived by many.

Why the bull?

The bull has been regarded as a sacred animal for thousands of years for both its unwavering spirit and powerful magic.  This long-time tradition has been preserved in celestial testimony by the constellation Taurus.

We feel this animal best represents the mission of the Temples of Satan’s new age.  This symbol harnesses occult wisdom that is both sacred and profane.  We consider it our meta-sigil which houses powerful magic to be tapped by any person seeking its gnosis.

We regard it as temple.

Temples of Satan: New Aeon does not recruit.

Membership may be sought after but all applicants are screened for both willingness and capability.

Ambassador Program

The Temples of Satan believes in its Statement of Faith, its Mission Statement and strict adherence to its Code of Conduct.  It is in the spirit of this vision, that we pursue public relations with other groups, and individuals.  We do not recruit.  We do not use brute force.  We do not accept failure as in option in our goals. The Temples of Satan: New Aeon is a new era in networking with other self-identified Satanists and their kindred.   What we envision will come to into fruition by devotion to our work.

The Ambassador program as outlined will be a vehicle for ideas manifest.

I.                    Ambassador defined

  1. Ambassador is a term that enters the English language around the 14th century.  At that time, it was considered to be a servant to the powers that be.  The Kingdom was considered to be a conduit for the divinities. 
  2. Each Ambassador was a messenger, a representative, and a mediator for those divinities.

 Ambassador within the Temples of Satan: New Aeon

  1.  A person seeking the title Ambassador within the temple would then be considered a public servant, messenger, and mediator for the organization’s faith statement, mission statement, and seeker of those that have similar if not the same vision.
  2. Each applicant should have the following defining qualities:
    1. The ability to listen.  Listening is key in understanding each group/individual’s needs, desires, and underlying goals.
    2. Effective communication.  Discussions will be of the utmost importance in diplomatic relations.  Listening is the first key to unlocking the door to mediate understanding between groups/individuals.
    3. The willingness to learn.  Each group/individual has something to share.  It is through sharing that we each learn the meaning behind language used to mediate understanding. 
    4. Neutrality.  An Ambassador must remain neutral. We each have our own personal thoughts, ideas and feelings.  When acting in the Ambassador role, remaining neutral will ensure the Temples of Satan: New Aeon reaches its goals.  This does not mean we must agree on every thought, idea or feeling. 
    5. Rationale.  An Ambassador must have strong reasoning skills, and be rational in any given situation.  Conflicts will arise.  This is a reality the Temples of Satan: New Aeon accepts.  Conflicts can be resolved quickly, and with civility with the right people in place to mediate conflicts among groups/individuals.

III.                 Ambassador Screening

  1. It is with our underlying goals in mind, that each applicant will be screened.  A willingness to serve does not mean that a person has the required tool-set to act in the role of Ambassador.  If an application is declined but the desire to serve is strong, an applicant may instead apprentice to become an Ambassador. 
  2. Apprenticeship will require effort and achievement.  Apprentices will be judged based on their abilities to effectively mediate between groups as well as their conduct.
  3. Each applicant will be scrutinized with the utmost care, to ensure that each is given a fair assessment.

IV.                Ambassador duties

  1.  Public Relations
  2. Press/Media presence
  3. Events
  4. Research & Development
  5. Act as liaison for building bridges between groups, networking, coordinating efforts for public events and community services.

Code of Conduct

1. Acceptance: The Temples of Satan accepts diversity in Satanism. By affiliating with us, you represent the public image and values we seek to represent. It is fundamental to our mission statement that our affiliates accept diversity in Satanism. Your conduct when faced with opposing beliefs, theological and/or philosophical differences is of the utmost importance to our core values.

2. The Temples of Satan Ethical Standard: Members acknowledge the moral, ethical and legal standards of behavior as they pertain to their involvement in the Temples of Satan. Members will conduct themselves maturely, be earnest in their duties and not engage in any action that will violate or diminish the legal or civil rights of any member or affiliate. When members are confronted with conflict, members will seek conflict-resolution that reflects positively on the Temples of Satan and its affiliates. Members may pursue mediation to resolve conflict between groups and/or individuals, a service the Temples of Satan provides. If conflict arises between a member, affiliate, or associate and the Temples of Satan administrators, it is our hope that it can be resolved quickly and amicably for all parties involved. If it can not be resolved, we ask that relations be severed in a peaceful manner.

3. Responsibility: The Temples of Satan and its affiliates will conduct themselves with ethical responsibility. Members are fully responsible for their decisions, actions, and public service. The well-being of those served is paramount in our success, and continuity.

4. Competence: The Temples of Satan and its affiliates must recognize the scope of its competence. Members should seek training, knowlege and hands-on experience in order to service human needs. They are encouraged to continue this pursuit through networking, training programs, and education provided through their direct involvement in the Temples of Satan.

5. Full Disclosure: The Temples of Satan requires full disclosure of your legal name, and background. By affiliating with the Temples of Satan, you accept that this may be requested of you, or your organization at any time. To be considered in good standing with the Temples of Satan, you will notifiy its administrators of any change in name, or legal incident that may affect the Temples of Satan reputation. The Temples of Satan is in accordance with all state and federal laws. You have a right to privacy: This information will not be made public by the administrators. Full disclosure is important in fostering diplomatic relations among groups and individuals, and the safety and protection of its members or affiliates.

6. Public Statements: All public statements must be consistent with the Temples of Satan standard. Members must not issue public statements inconsistent with the Temples of Satan Statement of Faith, Mission Statement, or Code of Conduct. Members should represent themselves accordingly.

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