ABC Film: Cyberbully
See review: Commonsense Media

Juxtaposed with the adult form, the film sends a resounding message.

Some would argue that adults have full-control over their Internet usage and activities online. The reality is, they don’t. You can block users, you can choose to ignore them, or even stay offline, but this doesn’t stop Social Predators from creating volumes of defamatory content about you, your family, co-workers, or target your peer group. 

Polarizing individuals that target Occultists, pagans and Satanists will laugh as they belt-out blogsScambook claimsrip-off reportsvideoswebsites and other content about you. Content I might add, that is found on the front pages of searches and often right below your Social Networking page, blogs, and home-pages.

This not only deters employers from considering you a candidate for a job, but deter users from viewing your content and by design to ensure you are isolated, and rejected by everyone around you. There is no low that these predators are not willing to go to. They will write claims that you are a thief, drug addict, on welfare, mentally ill, or worse…A Pedophile. You can certainly explain the goings on to people that know you, but what about those that don’t know you? Do you believe they will visit your website or purchase your wares if they believe you to be a sexual predator? 

How do you explain to your elderly Grandmother that you have not molested a child, there’s just some bad man on the web making stuff up?

Adding insult to injury, they will begin targeting your friends and family and taking the content offline.  If you think you have ‘privacy‘ on the Internet, you are fooling  yourself.  Programs like Spokeo ensure cyber-stalking and harassment.  There, they can obtain information about you, and your history.  They can obtain the phone numbers of your employers and give them a ring.  More recently an associate did in fact lose his job due to the harassing phone calls of such a predator.  It doesn’t matter much that the employee is innocent of wrong-doing, the predators know employers will become annoyed with the endless drama and let employees go, especially those not considered an asset to the company.  What does the predator really have to lose by doing this?  Not much.  Especially with programs and platforms designed to mask their identity and provide them with data about you. What do you have to lose?  In some cases, EVERYTHING.

Many innocent people have had their lives disrupted or even destroyed because of this on-going problem in Social Media.  Predators are enabled to operate as Social  Networking and Marketing are used as the tool of the Bullshit Artist. Targets are terrorized with threats, intimidation, blackmail, and extortion.

It doesn’t stop there.  This harassment is stepped up a notch by claiming that not only will  smearing  content be posted on the web but be disseminated in your neighborhood, at your job, or community center. If your personal information is obtained, it can be used to associate you with child pornography, NAMBLA, or other ‘embarassing’ content. 

Think you can litigate a criminal or civil case? Well, that depends on the legislation in your state. Many states don’t have cyber-stalking laws and what you believe to be Libel may very well be protected by Freedom of Speech. There are many resources on this site to advise those who find themselves targeted. The cyber-stalker employs many tactics that are meant to ‘confound and confuse‘ YOU enable him to operate.

Those in the Occult who remain apathetic and complacent enable themselves to become targets.  Do you really think YOU are immune? 

Be Alert.

Be Aware.

Don’t fall subject to the Bullshit Artist.



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