Fame is generated by others. It doesn’t matter if people use my name in a positive or negative manner in either case it feeds my self-empowering narcissism. 

The more people talk about you, the more your name becomes a brand. A brand becomes recognizable, distinguished from the sea of mindless, faceless drones of nothing truly interesting. Fame makes you stand out. In some cases your fame transforms into celebrity.

In Roman Mythology, the goddess Fama was the personification of rumor. It is the Latin derivative of which the English is established in the 13 century. At that time, Fame was considered to be both celebrity and renown. Fame was the epitome of talk, rumor, and reputation.

An Americanism refines Cults of Personality, it is they who speak my name that create it.

Cult of SIN… You’ll never come out they way you went in.

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