Curing the gay identity

 Today’s Spiritually Raw show, featuring Wayne Besen, author of Anything but Straight, prompted several thoughts/questions:


1.  Is it imperative for homosexuals to ‘prove’ empirically by science that homosexuality is in the genes (in search of the gay gene)?

2.  What has “Gay” activism produced in terms of equal rights for all American citizens under the law?

3.  Why is it so important for homosexuals to alert the public of their sexuality?

4.  Is it the same thing, to be homosexual, and in a platonic relationship with the same sex?

5.  Homosexuality is a social sexual construct, isn’t it?

6.  What is the ‘Gay Identity’?

7.  Can a person become homosexual or must they be born a homosexual?

8.  What of the theological dilemmas that religious organizations are faced with amidst an ever evolving modern society?

9.  Is it truly equality if religious organizations are forced to accept behaviors which are in direct opposition to their theology?

10.  Is it truly equality if the non-religious are forced to accept religious theology?

As a bi-sexual woman, I consider my sexuality to be a social construct.  As a human being, I would say that we are social biological beings and as such; sexuality is an aspect of each human being’s identity (and often identity crisis).  Every baby born  has the potential to be hetero, homo, or bi sexual.  In that, their natural attraction may be to the opposite, same, or both sexes.  This is a completely natural social development. It is part of the conditioning each child is subjected to by their environment. 

I do not believe it is essential to human rights to prove that there is a gay gene, which would allow homosexuals to feel vindicated that they were born this way.  We are all born with the potential, each person will develop their own social sexual identity.   Sexuality, is only one aspect of the human relationship.  There is the platonic to be considered.  There are plenty of human beings which engage in sex with the same sex, and have no desire to marry or share legal contracts with their sex partners.  I feel as though the platonic aspect of a human relationship is separate from the sexual aspect.  There are plenty of people in our country that desire a life-long partnering with the opposite, or same sex.  There are also many that seek out both, and the poly-amorous dynamic.  These relationships develop into families.   I feel its imperative, to move our society to a more secular form of government to accept all forms of relationships and families.  I feel it is a human rights violation for any governing body to set limitations on how an American family is structured.  It is that structure, that will determine if a spouse(s) can share benefits, rights, and enjoy all the same privileges as any citizen in America.

At the same time I see American citizens demanding that the government to step in and police how people raise their families.  They demand a set of moral ethics, and behaviors which are deemed acceptable and unacceptable.  Human beings, by their social nature can become abusive.  This abuse often stems from the conditioning of each person’s environment.  The outcome, is often a dysfunctional and abusive human.   People are asleep at the wheel.  They are too distracted by all the bells and whistles our society has to offer, to look at themselves.  If we work on ourselves, there is no reason for a governing body to police our behavior!  A pipe-dream, I know… but a girl has to have dreams.

By what guideline is homosexuality deemed abusive? Immoral? 

America was founded on freedom of religion; however people neglect the historical frame-work for such an idea.  Freedom of religion, meant freedom to practice a form of Christianity.  This country was founded as a Christian nation.  As time progressed, and the times changed it developed to accept other forms of religion.  In the 21st century, the Federal Government recognizes several religious organizations which are not Christian, Muslim or Jewish.  By its own admission, it accepts that the guidelines of Abrahamic religions no longer apply to our nation as a whole. 

If homosexuality is to be deemed immoral, the guideline by which it determines it as such should include the moral ethics of every legally recognized religion.

How can our society accommodate such a dynamic melting pot of people?

Adherents to Abrahamic religions should not be forced to accept ideas which are in direct opposition of their theology, and what this country was founded upon.  Unfortunately, it will be necessary, at least on a judicial level, to accommodate civil unions of any caliber. 

As a Constitutional Republic with a Democratic System:

If the Constitution is to be used as a vice to keep citizens from their birth rite of equal rights under the law – it should be examined and amended to fit our 21st century society.  If the verbiage ‘marriage to a man and woman’ no longer applies, it should be updated.  However, if put to a vote and the people demand that no changes be made, the minority groups are often out-voted. Majority rules. 

What have Gay Rights activists accomplished thus far?  Some would argue that they have opened 5 US states up to same sex marriage, unisex restrooms, facilitates education, and venues for congregating as a sub-community.

5 huh?  That’s not very many.  The majority rules. 

How will our society change, to vote in favor of equal rights under the law?  That change is typically forced through allegorical expressions, symbols, and the artist.  The written word is often trumped by prolific imagery.  

Personally, I’d like to see the term ‘Gay’ deconstructed.  It has become nothing short of a parody.  The Gay sub-culture, is not representative of all homosexuals living in America today.  In fact, many shirk the term ‘Gay’ as nothing more than an offensive term for the homosexual caricature.  I am a bi-sexual woman, and do not consider myself to be ‘Gay’.  I consciously reject Gay Culture.  I think we can all be cured of the gay identity.  There are religious organizations that consider it to be a mental illness, one that can be cured with prayer.  In terms of what constitutes the gay identity today?  I tend to agree with them.  Being ‘Gay’ is the worst possible identity to apply to oneself. 

If you want to be a happy person, an emotionally mature person:

The field of psychotherapy and the counseling of religion often work against each other. 

An interesting paper called The Case Against Religion by Dr. Albert Ellis, PhD, psychotherapist

So, ummmm….errr  – what’s the solution?

I agree, that people wishing to exercise their right to equal rights should fight this unconstitutional issue tooth and nail. I’m just not seeing a lot of innovation and what I am seeing is much of the same.   Finger-pointing, blame-shifting, projection, and exercises in futility.

Pointing to the religious leader and finger-waiving “It’s all your fault!” gets little accomplished.  The movers and the shakers are fine tuning their political strategies, looking for financial backing, and are maneuvering lobbyists. 

Education is key, know your target and aim to hit it.

Do I feel passionate enough about the subject to try to affect the culture in which I live?  Frankly, I couldn’t care less who people wish to marry.  I have no desire to marry a woman, my attraction to women is completely sexual.    It is however among the many issues that make up the great machine that I rage against.  ‘We the People’, never does anything for me – so I have to do it for myself.  This representative government does not represent me, but the ideal of the middle class American. 

As an artist, there are creative ways to communicate my disdain for the control of my peers over my own life.  How much of an affect will it really have?  Most people don’t ‘get’ art.  The symbols must be clear, concise, and not so abstract to act as the cultural cure.  I did a search for ‘homosexuality’ in the images section of my yahoo search engine.  I was curious to see what it would produce in terms of imagery to represent homosexuality.  You know what it produced?  Tasteless pornography, rainbow flags, protests and demographic maps. 

This causes me to reflect on what symbol…what spell I could concoct in my own artwork to provoke my culture and thereby provoke other cultures  And would that symbol be powerful enough to eradicate the cest-pool of imagery that represents it now?

Can I alone cure the gay identity?

My canvas is ready…


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