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Reap Paden chats up Lex Blackmore of the Detroit Chapter and her experiences with the media, Sin Jones regarding threats to Women’s Rights and irresponsibility of propagating Animal Sacrifice; with contributions from Pat Robertson of the 700 Club and Tom Raspotnik of Temples of Satan.

Hello? Is this thing on?

Comprehension of the written-language is of special interest to cognitive neuroscientists because it deals directly with the same cognitive processes that deal in perception and action.  Research conducted  with patients with lesions in their left frontal, temporal and parietal regions of the brain revealed that reading and spelling share common cognitive processes. An example such studies can be found HERE.  For quick reference, see also:  Reading (Process). I can also recommend Michael S. Gazzaniga’s  The Cognitive Neurosciences III, 2004.

If you’ve ever communicated with a person that incessantly misinterprets what you’v written, you’ll come to realize that it’s not just your communication skills.  It’s the cognition of the reader.  Not to say that we don’t stumble in our efforts to effectively mediate understanding using the written language, we certainly, do but we must also take into account the reader’s perception which compels action. In the case Social Networking Technologies, it may account for particular responses that seem so off base you wonder if you’re speaking Japanese.

language image

When G.I. Gurdjieff prepared his book for publishing to the printer in 1949, he gave this advice:

Read each of my written expositions thrice:

Firstly: at least as you have already become mechanized to read all your contemporary books and newspapers.

Secondly: as if you were reading aloud to another person.

And only thirdly: try and fathom the gist of my writings.Only then will you be able to count upon forming your own impartial judgment, proper to yourself alone, on my writings. And only then can my hope be actualized that according to your understanding you will obtain the specific benefit for yourself which I anticipate, and which I wish for you with all my being.

He elaborates on his reasoning for this process in Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson.  A few years of studying Fourth Way certainly gave my brain some helpful exercises, it certainly didn’t turn me into a Fourth Way Student.

From The Book of SIN

“To know me, is to know my expressions.”

If you’re a subscriber to my blogs and wonder why you might find a Written, Visual and Audio form of the same blog, this is my way of saying that Gurdjieff and I are in agreement on that “Friendly Advice” he offers readers.  It’s not enough to learn the process of reading, it’s extremely helpful to learn different ways to read to understand.  That’s what we all want right?  To understand what it is we’re reading? To be understood?  To take in the knowledge and ‘know’ we understand.  It’s not enough to decipher words, we should take into account the cognitive biases such as but not limited to: Confirmation Bias, Neglecting Probabilities, Observational Selection Biases, Projection Bias, Band-wagon Effect and many more.  There are far too many to list here but for ease of reference, here’s a LINK.    The activity of blogging and participating in forums is a mental exercise.  In a recent discussion with Reap Paden, host of the Modern Satanism podcast, in discussing skepticism I had honed in on being skeptical of even my own thoughts.  In a joking manner Reap asked:  “Do you ever agree with anyone?” to which I replied:  “What’s the fun in that?”   Even though my comment was in jest, the way I delivered my answer, may imply many things to the listener.  To clarify, it is fun, don’t get me wrong but I really am skeptical of my own thoughts and especially when I find myself in agreement; thus I choose an argumentative point to determine if it’s out of cognitive biases or to determine if my thinking is truly rational.

Computers are pretty awesome tools but still no match for the human brain.  Learning RX provides this summation which I find suits my purposes:

Key categories of cognitive skills
To define cognitive skills, it’s important to know that they include a wide variety of abilities. These abilities are necessary for analyzing sounds and images, recalling information, making associations between different pieces of information, and maintaining focus on a given task. Here are the core areas of cognitive skills, all of which can be targeted and strengthened by LearningRx Brain Training programs:

  • Processing Speed: This is the speed at which your brain processes information. Faster processing speed means more efficient thinking and learning.
  • Auditory Processing: This is the ability to analyze, blend and segment sounds. It’s also known as phonemic awareness. Surprisingly, auditory processing is crucial not just for speaking, but also for reading and spelling. This is because when you read, you need to be able to identify the individual and blended sounds that make each word unique and recognizable.
  • Visual Processing: This is the ability to perceive, analyze and think in visual images. Visual processing is imperative for reading, remembering, walking, driving, playing sports and literally thousands of other tasks you do every day.
  • Long-Term Memory: This is the “library” of facts and knowledge you have accumulated in the past.
  • Short-Term Memory: Also called working memory, this skill handles the dynamic job of keeping at the forefront of your mind the information you need to complete immediate and short-term tasks.
  • Logic and Reasoning: This is the ability to reason, form concepts, and solve problems using unfamiliar information or new procedures. It enables you to create correlations, solve problems, plan ahead and draw conclusions.
  • Attention Skills: There are three types of attention skills. Sustained Attention is the ability to stay focused and on-task for a period of time.Selective Attention is the ability to quickly sort through incoming information and stay focused on one thing in spite of distractions. Divided Attention is the ability to multi-task.

To keep up with your own brain, there’s two different approaches to reading in traditional methods:

  • Top-down: In top-down models, the decisions made at higher levels of processing are used to guide choices at lower levels.
  • Bottom-up: In bottom-up models of reading, processing starts with the raw input and passes through increasingly refined analyses until the meaning of the text is grasped.

Research hosted by PMC demonstrates that neither method on its own can fully explain the reading process, thus both are used to fully grasp the meaning of a text.  Give it proper context and it explains why so many people reading the same text come away with different meanings than the author intended.  Visual/Audio editions of the same text don’t exactly resolve the issue.   If you combine all (3) methods, you just might be understood rather than constantly asking yourself:

Hello?  Is this thing on?


If only I didn’t have a brain…

A local missing person (Hannah Graham) case makes headlines “No idea where missing VA student is“,  the last ‘known’ person to be seen with her is named as a primary suspect.   The police attained the name from witnesses at a bar where the girl was last seen.  She was also seen running back and forth in the Mall on video footage.  She’s alone, she doesn’t appear to be distressed only that she’s darting back and forth.  Later, there’s an alleged link to older cold-case files “Police link 2nd Case to VA  Student arrest.”

What’s that link?

Police said they had probable cause to support the charge against Matthew after twice searching his apartment and gathering evidence they have not described. A crime lab is testing clothing recovered through search warrants, but police haven’t said whose clothing that was.

In previous reports it had only been described as a ‘Forensic Link’, there was no mention of any DNA evidence.  Such a vague reference could mean just about anything. Then, yet another vague reference is made by a report that didn’t name the source, only that it was a person close to the investigation that was cited as stating there was a DNA link.  In my opinion, a desperate attempt to paint a particular narrative.  SERIAL KILLER!

It had already been established in 2012 that there was a DNA link between the two older cases but that was a separate issue from the current case of the missing UVA student (Graham).  There was no report that Matthews DNA had been attained, tested and confirmed to be linked to those case.  Yet, more and more of these cold-case files were being piled on top of this guy’s name in the Media.  In essence, the picture being painted is that this guy is not only a serial rapist but a serial killer as well.  How was this wild tale spun?  What physical evidence was there to tie him to this case?  What if/any justifiable reason was there to attain a search warrant?  To pursue this man vehemently to cause him to flee out of state?


First, it was the likeness of his face to the composite sketch from the previous case.  This was enough for people in his social circle to call the tip-line and cause him to become paranoid.  Who wouldn’t be?  That sketch could also be matched to 200+ faces in the criminal database.  The most damning of circumstantial evidence was this alleged rape that was never reported to authorities but it was reported to the school he was attending.  He was ejected on the basis of the accusation alone yet it wasn’t enough for the school to report it to authorities?  Even if the young woman in question was apprehensive about reporting it herself, that’s a serious allegation.  If she was apprehensive, that’s suspect.  She’s not reluctant to report it to the school, yet she’s not willing to subject herself to a physical examination and rape kit?  Rape is one of those accusations women can make and people will turn on a dime.  Whether you did it or not, you’re a rapist.  Never mind the possibility that she may have just used it as a personal vendetta against this man.  What better way to get him kicked out of the same school she attended?  Who can say what her motivations were?  Don’t dare speculate on them though, otherwise you just support Rape Culture, whatever the hell that is.  Either that, or it’s blaming the victim.   Yet, it’s a-okay to speculate on this guy’s intent with Graham.  He’s being formally charged with “Intent to Molest”, “Kidnapping” and as a caveat he may even be charged with Capital Murder.  All of this of course, without any material evidence or even a body as far as I can tell.

The Investigators have even gone as far as stating publicly:

Longo also noted that “I don’t want to get tunnel vision just because we have a name, just because we saw her with a particular person.” Source

I’ve pointed this out countless times in the various article comments but people have already convicted this man, they are already calling for his death.  At this point, he’s just the primary suspect.  The state still has to provide enough evidence to present its case.  In the meantime, Matthews is being held without bond.  When he originally inquired into the interest in him, he left the police station in a huff, allegedly ‘reckless’ in the parking lot so on top of that, they charged him with reckless driving.  He was a no-show at the bond hearing because well… He’s being held in this criminal investigation.  No evidence has been presented to his defense attorney to warrant these charges.  His bond hearing for this case, also delayed until December with no explanation from the judge.    I mean, come on.  It’s a stalling tactic.  The investigators are hoping for more time to acquire material evidence to justify the charges, otherwise – they will be dismissed.

Then, there’s the shotty police work.  He lawyered up.   If there was anything seized from his car, or apartment on probable cause but without a proper warrant – all that stuff won’t be admissible in court.   Evidence is sealed.

“I am waiting to see evidence that links my client to either of these cases,” said James Camblos, who represents Jesse L. Matthew Jr., charged in the abduction of UVa student Hannah Elizabeth Graham, 18.

You and me both buddy.  I mean, are people really this stupid?  Do they really believe that putting all their ‘Faith’ in this system delivers swift justice?  Do they just ignore the conveniences of closing all these cold-case files in one fell swoop and corruption?  They say that there’s no racial profiling in police work but man… This black guy didn’t have a chance in hell.  Had that informant in Texas not tipped off police, they may have moved on to other viable suspects in this case but nope.  Bolting makes you look guilty so you MUST be guilty.

Mattews 2

All these Patriotic Whack-jobs really believe people receive a ‘fair and speedy trial’, then judgment by a ‘jury of your peers’.  Who the hell is this guy’s peers at this point?  Prosecution and Defense takes part in eliminating jurors (for bias) but the selection is like a lottery.   Court proceedings don’t just involve presentation of facts and evidence, the Prosecution can also spin this with a crafty narrative for the Jurors to consider.

Riddle me this:

Even IF there is some of Graham’s DNA found on clothing (sweat and what not) in the absence of blood or any indication of foul play, does that prove he kidnapped her, raped her then disposed of the body somewhere?    If video has already placed him at the bar, and he’s seen socializing with her that only verifies that he was socializing with her!

It could very well turn out that some material evidence manifest itself to justify this media circus but in the meantime, I’ll reserve my judgement based on FACTS and EVIDENCE vs. a gut-feeling, speculation, and hear say.

The Media Reporting on this case is just ridiculous.  Many of these so-called News sources just regurgitate bits from previous reports without verifying sources.

Police are not always eager to have a suspect’s name in front of the public. In northern Virginia, Alexandria police only reluctantly acknowledged their interest in Charles Severance as a “person of interest” this summer in three separate killings there over the last decade. Severance was eventually charged with all three murders, but before that Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook said he did not want the public to develop tunnel vision and assume the investigation was over. Source

Too late for that now.  He’s already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

You can keep your so-called “Justice”.

Sin Jones

Satan… Where Art Thou?

In the news…

Ritual Murder of Children:  Satanists the Likely Suspects

A string of murders has baffled authorities in Kenyan and are stoking fears that the killers may be statanists. A horrifying pattern and nature of the killing of school-going children indicate the perpetrators are interested in body parts, besides performing ritual practices on the bodies. The victims-only school-going children are abducted and tied with rubber straps by the killers, who later dismember their bodies. Locals say several abductions that have occurred between the 7th and 10th day of the month, and only in the morning hours. The abductors do not ask for ransom, but dump the bodies in trenches within two days after the disappearance of the children. By the time of going to press, police were yet to confirm if the murders bear the hallmarks of ritualistic killings.

Satanists:  Boy Kid-napped and Found a Week Later

“She suspected that they drew blood from him for their Satanic Rituals”…

Baby Goat discovered (gutted & burned) in suspected Satanic Ritual

“There is a rope around the goat’s neck and two white chalk circles around the body, leading them to believe someone tried to sacrifice the goat in a possible satanic ritual.”

Sylmar Man Identified as a Person of Interest in Shootings 

Police are searching for two male Hispanic suspects driving a tan or gold-colored sport utility vehicle with tinted windows. Witnesses reported seeing the suspects and their vehicle at two of the three murder scenes.

The second shooting occurred at about 6:35 a.m. at the Sylmar Recreational Center in the 13000 block of Borden Avenue. That victim was described as a 25- to 35-year-old man.

At about 6:45 a.m., officers responding to the 12900 block of Filmore Street in Pacoima found the body of a woman, approximately 50 years old, dead inside a vehicle with a gunshot wound to the head. The Sun identified her as Gloria Tovar, a Eucharist minister at Guardian Angel Parish. She was reportedly shot in her vehicle while waiting to take someone to church.

Police confirmed that satanic messages were spray painted on a mattress near the scene of the final shooting, although detectives have not confirmed any link between the message and the shootings.”

Teen to be Tried as Adult in Satanic Ritual Slaying

” The 16-year-old boy charged in the brutal satanic killing of a teenage girl will now face up to 40 years behind bars.

Victor Alias appeared in juvenile court Wednesday morning and a judge ruled to certify him as an adult and face the charge of capital murder.”

Killer Kids:  Run-a-ways find themselves in the midst of Satanic Ritual

” A couple of runaways find themselves on opposite ends of a Satanic ritual whilst killer says the devil made him kill his parents.”

Meanwhile In Zimbabwe

“A self-confessed Satanist from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is swearing to bewitch two Zimbabwean thieves who stole his household property.

Papi Kafupa (31) who now resides in Makokoba is vowing that he wing make life a living hell for the two thieves who broke into his house last week Saturday.

“The two thieves are going to die if I don’t get my property by Sunday and even the people who bought my property from the thieves will suffer too,” he claimed. “

Satanists Set Bibles Ablaze in Apparent Hate Crime

“In one instance, a pastor said the words “HAIL SATAN” were carved into a metal gate near one of the burned Bibles. Police have declined to confirm the details of that incident.

Mesa police said the first arson fire was reported on May 11 at the Mesa Baptist Church, followed by another at the church on May 17. Those blazes were ignited near a back door to the gymnasium on the sprawling four-acre grounds of the Mesa Baptist Church, Senior Pastor Mark Rice said.

The remnants of the burned books were found by church employees. Police said they also had reports of a third fire at the church on May 18, but Rice said he was unaware of a third fire.”

Cannibal Killer Gregory Hale Emulated The Night Stalker

Gregory Scott Hale, 37, admitted to police that he picked up a mother of six and murdered, dismembered and ate parts of her body to emulate his role model – the 1980s sadistic California serial killer the Night Stalker

Homeless Woman Killed in Greece, Satanic Ritual Ceremony

“A 22-year-old Greek man confessed to murdering a homeless woman in a “ritual Satanist ceremony,” according to the Associated Press.

The suspect, identified as Alexandros Papageorgiou by the Times in London, allegedly killed the 41-year-old woman before dawn in a public square in an Athens suburb on April 20 — Orthodox Easter Sunday.

The scene was gruesome: Police said Papageorgiou killed the woman with a rock before writing the number “666″ and drawing an upside-down cross on a bench in his own blood. He was identified by a fingerprint on the rock and references to the killing on social media.”

Miami Man Kills Friend, Says He’s Satan

“Ronnie Candelaria, a diagnosed schizophrenic, walked out of his suburban Miami home carrying a fully loaded AK-47, a Glock handgun and the fevered belief that his longtime friend was Satan incarnate.”

Man with Horns & 666 Tattoo:  First-degree Murder

“It was these crawly characteristics that brought attention to 34-year-old Caius Veiovis, a self-proclaimed vampire and satanist found guilty of kidnapping, murdering and dismembering three men in Pittsfield, Mass.

The jury deliberated for 37 hours in six days before delivering the verdict last week. And as jurors left the courtroom, he shouted: “I’ll see you all in hell, remember that, every f—— one of you. I’ll see you all in hell.”

Do you want to know more?

Visit: Satanism

Your guess is as good as mine…

I  received this message on September 12, 2014:

Margaret Kudelska


Good morning
I would like inform you that if you will stalk me like previous in my work place in Glastonbury and if you will push others to do things against me or you will contact with others Polish satanist and with them will do by corruption something against me or used sabotage- If for exemple you will do ( recordings by using micro cameras or by using bugs); and you will show this with your friend from Church of Satan and diffrent organisation – I will sue you. I will inform first Pilish consul in your american area and Police near you and I will ask them for help. I will also tell other Catholic organisations and people who fight with stalkers.


To which I responded to the twit:

Sep 12 at 12:46 PM
I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Sounds like a bunch of paranoid delusions to me.  I have no idea who you are, nor have I any knowledge of your workplace or whatever.
~The Cult of SIN~
You’ll never come out the way you went in.
I’m open to the idea of it being nothing but trolling but let me tell you, I get dumb shit like this all the time.  Apparently, I’m an epicenter for consumer complaints.  So sorry you’re not enjoying your Internet experience but in spite of popular opinion, I’m not the God in the machine.
She responds today:

Maggie Kudelska


Today at 8:14 AM

Good morning

That was a LEGAL  WORNING.

You and your friends are all the  same… the same answers:-). It dosnt works.

few of you are mental or alcoholic.. or have dementia…


My Reply:
Maggie Kudelska
Today at 9:48 AM
Again. I don’t know who you are.  If you want to stop contact, stop visiting my website and emailing me. Derp.
~The Cult of SIN~
You’ll never come out the way you went in.
I’m only adding it to my blog for the entertainment value.  I figure if she’s being trolled by some person (even loosely affiliated) from the CoS, they can have a good laugh about it.
Yes, there really are people this stupid and they have access to technology.
Sin Jones