The Shit Buddha Says… The Seeker

“Master your senses,

what you taste and smell,

what you see, what you hear.

In all things be a master of what you do, say and think.

Be Free. 

You are a seeker.

Delight in the mastery of your hands and your feet,

of your words and your thoughts.

Delight in meditation and in solitude.

Compose yourself, be happy.

You are a seeker.

Hold your tongue.

Do not exalt yourself but lighten the way for your words are sweet.

Follow the truth of the way.

Reflect upon it.

Make it your own.

Live it.

It will always sustain you.

Do not turn away what is given to you,

nor reach out for what is given to others, lets you disturb your quietness.

Give thanks for what has been given to you, however little.

Be pure, never falter.

You have no name and no form.

Why miss what you do not have?

The seeker is not sorry.

Love and joyfully follow the way, 

the quiet way to the happy country.


Empty the boat, 

lighten the load, 

passion desire and hatred.

And sail swiftly.

There are five at the door, to turn away, and five more,

and there are five to welcome in.

And when five have been left stranded on the shore,

The seeker is called oghatinnoti-

“He who has crossed over.”


Do not be reckless.

Meditate constantly,

or you will swallow fire and cry out:  “No more!”

If you are not wise,

how can you steady the mind?

If you cannot quieten yourself,

what will you ever learn?

How will you become free?

With a quiet mind come into the empty house, your heart, and feel the joy of the way.

Beyond the world.

Look within- 

The rising and falling.

What happiness!

How sweet to be free!

It is the beginning of life,

of mastery and patience,

of good friends along the way,

of a pure and active live.

So live in love.

Do your work.

Make an end of your sorrows.

For see how jasmine releases and lets fall its withered flowers.

Let fall willfulness and hatred.

Are you quiet?

Quieten your body.

Quieten your mind.

You want nothing.

Your words are still.

You are still.

Be your own efforts,

waken yourself, watch yourself, 

and live joyfully.

You are the master,

you are the refuge.

As a merchant breaks in a fine horse,

Master yourself.

How gladly you follow the words of the awakened.

How quietly, how surely you approach, the happy country,

The heart of stillness.

However young, the seeker who sets out upon the way,

shines bright over the world.

Like the moon,

Come out from behind the clouds!


Five at the door… And five more…

The first five:  selfishness, doubt, false spirituality, passion, hatred.  The second five are longing for birth (both with a body and without one), vanity, mental restlessness, ignorance.  The third five are faith, vigilance, energy, meditation, wisdom.  The five left behind are greed, hatred, delusion, pride and false teaching.    (Citation:  Paths to the Divine (Ancient & Indian), George McLean).

By practicing the Moral Path, The Seeker aims to break habitual patterns of behavior to be able to act more deliberately;  however the key aim of reaching ‘Enlightenment’ is no real target at all.  One can be self-aware without getting hung-up on the trappings of demonizing sense of self (Poo-pooing the ego-centered way of being).  These platitudes beckon the Seeker to dissolve his selfishness, to produce more acts of altruism which would give rise to inner-peace and freedom.  By what?  Deluding yourself into believing that there really is a pure act of altruism?  That these things aren’t directly centered on self?  It’s no wonder these people aren’t truly ‘free’, when the very words attributed to Buddha create conflict.  Perhaps the whole thing is a ruse to trick you into swallowing the fire over and over again, until you burn your internal analysis to ash.

Enlightenment is often described as genuine freedom from the body, feelings, moods and thoughts.  No mind, no body – is what precisely?  To me, a state of foolishness.  I mean, what’s the point other than to provide the weak with a coping skill to deal with the material world as it is.

Analyzing passing feelings, moods and thoughts can certainly lead one to understand them but the fact that these things have already come to pass, isn’t deliberately responding to events/things/people – No.  This activity over a period of time could trick your mind for a time but in the moment you’ve forgotten yourself – all that effort is for naught.  You just keep reacting, maybe one day you can hope to achieve a personal discipline that allows you to ignore your impulses but I don’t think your natural state will ever be transcended.


The way, the work. etc. it’s all a constant exercise reaching for the ‘happy country’.  This presumes that you’re in a personal Hell, and that conflict is the least desired activity as it leads the Seeker further and further away from Nirvana.  In other words, these mind tricks can lead you to deny your nature, deny your desires, and break you of any life aspirations.  I mean what would be the point of reaching for anything when Nirvana is the ONLY thing you should be striving towards?

The shit Buddha says… The Just

“If you determine your course with force or speed,

You miss the way of the Law.


Quietly consider what is right and what is wrong,

Receiving all opinions equally without haste, wisely…

Observe the Law.


Who is wise, the eloquent or the quiet man?

Be quiet, loving and fearless.


For the mind talks but the body knows.


Gray hairs do not make a master.

A man may grow old in vain.


The true master lives in truth, goodness and restraint,

Nonviolence, moderation and purity.


Fine words or fine features cannot make a master out of a jealous and greedy man.


Only when envy and selfishness are rooted out of him, may he grow in beauty.


A man may shave his head but if he still lies and neglects his work, if he clings to desire and

attachment, how can he follow THE WAY?


The true seeker subdues all waywardness.

He has submitted his nature to quietness.


He is a true seeker, not because he begs,

but because he follows the lawful way,

holding back nothing, holding to nothing.


Beyond good and evil,

beyond the body and mind.


Silence cannot make a master out of a fool,

but he who weighs only purity in his scales…

Who sees the nature of the two worlds – HE is a Master.


He harms no living thing.


And yet it is not good conduct that helps you upon THE WAY,

Nor ritual, nor book learning, nor withdrawal in to the self, nor deep meditation…


None of these confers mastery or joy.


O Seeker!

Rely on nothing

Until you want nothing.”

Now, before you embrace this platitudinous mess – allow me to remind you that the Buddha’s path to this so-called Enlightenment began with the complete and total abandonment of any/all things – including his wife and child.  Buddha itself can be a claptrap of mystical nihilism, if you just blindly swallow the words without running it through your own filter.

There is certainly value in taking a moment to calm your monkey mind, reign in your impulses to react (vs. respond) to stimuli and align oneself with a form of self-discipline if it leads you to a particular goal BUT…  your goals may involve going the course with great force and speed.    Age does involve putting in the time and if you’ve learned anything from your experiences you know that punching someone in the face has detrimental effects to getting what you want.  Especially if it involves correcting a slight.  You can’t ignore the world’s aggression while blindly embracing its passivity.  If there’s any intelligence about you, you’ll know when it’s time to passive and when to be aggressive.  When to sit quietly and observe and when to blow your top.  How do you know this?  Is it because you need the ‘wisdom’ of an elder or pick it up in some book?  No, it’s because you’ve done the time.  You’ve learned through trials.  You’re not chasing the carrot of Enlightenment, you’re going right after your desires because you WANT things, you WANT to be a specific way – even if it means alienation from and conflict with everyone around you.  You can only fit one pair of feet in those shoes. If you’re carrying someone on your back, eventually you have to drop the load.

In my mind, that’s THE WAY of the Master.

The shit Buddha says… CHOICES

Buddha:  “We are what we think.

All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts we make the world.

Speak or act with an impure mind and trouble will follow you (as the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart).

We are what we think.

All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts we make the world.

Speak or act with a pure mind and happiness with follow you (as your shadow, unshakable).”


” Look how he abused me and beat me, how he threw me down and robbed me!”

Buddha:  “Live with such thoughts and you will live in hate.  Abandon such thoughts, live in love.  In this world Hate never yet dispelled hate.  This is the law, Ancient and inexhaustible”.

Buddha also says that anger leads to insanity.

Why are some people capable of letting anger go, while others choose to dwell?  Anger is a natural and healthy emotion, not one to stifle or subdue.  The appropriate action may be to find this motherfucker and delivery a pointy reckoning so severe that he may never do you harm again.    Not being able to seek your own justice leads one to dwell, for anger to fester and seek a suitable target.  This is the type of behavior that leads to insanity.  While society deems this sort of thing impure, Satan finds it necessary; an appropriate madness.


Sin Jones


You’ll never be me, you can’t go where I’ve been, acquire the knowledge or life experience I have no matter how many effigies you fashion.  You wouldn’t last a day in my shoes anyway, not one.  The road behind me is ablaze while yours is covered in my ash.   They salt the earth and nothing takes root where you are.    You live in my haze and in my shadow.  I bubble in your Seether, my name upon your lips – Always.

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